Fiat 500 Yachting

Fiat 500 Yachting (2022)

On July 1st, Europe makes a new start: with the “Green Pass”, it will be possible to return to freedom of movement within the 27 countries of the European Union. Freedom, joie de vivre and escapism come with the long-awaited restart and the beginning of this year’s summer season.

The desire to come back to life and rediscover the pleasure of things big and small takes us back to the ambience of dolce vita that straddled the 1950s and ’60s, when Rome, Cortina d’Ampezzo, Portofino and Capri became the settings for the international jet set. Here in Italy, they found the right places for pure escapism, in the name of Italian style and taste.

“July 1st is a significant date with a considerable symbolic value. It gives the green light to the recovery, to the reopening of Europe, to the return to freedom of movement and travel, and in a way to that carefree attitude typical of summer. Fiat wishes to celebrate this day with the “Welcome back dolce vita” video,” stated Olivier François, Fiat Chief Executive Officer and Stellantis CMO. Shot on Capri – the destination for the dolce vita, the video is a paean to freedom and nonchalance.

It powerfully recalls and draws its inspiration from that lightness typical of the 1950s and ’60s, known by all Italians as the years of the dolce vita. These were the precise values that inspired the creation of the new 500X Yachting, the first “open-air” 500X, as the feeling of the wind in your hair is synonymous with freedom and happiness. The new Yachting body comes in addition to the Cross and Sport, and is strongly inspired by luxury sailing: the special series at launch could therefore be none other than a tribute to a location as evocative as the Yacht Club Capri.”

The “Welcome back dolce vita” was made by the young talent William 9, who made his directorial debut with music videos and then moved on to adverts. In the video produced by Fiat, he brings the rhythm and engaging narrative mode of music videos, combined with a language that represents the perfect mix between elegance, style, nonchalance and joie de vivre.

The characters in the video are 3 young people who go off from a regatta to enjoy a day of escapism made up of dips in the sea, glances and unexpected dancing. A brief escape from conventions and rules, aiming at a more authentic freedom. The new Fiat 500X Yachting is the ideal travel companion. And it will be exactly that “wind in the hair” that “betrays” the 3 characters…

The choice of soundtrack went to a French track, Bon Entendeur vs Mouloudji: “L’amour”, a song from the 1960s, the era of the dolce vita, updated with a remix that takes us into a sophisticated world with a touch of timeless romance.

The video is a paean to lightness, a modern reading of Truffaut’s great classic Jules et Jim, but also of the dolce vita, taken as a modus vivendi in search of the simple pleasures of everyday life.

A yacht on 4 wheels

As was the case for the 500 Riva special series, the new 500X and 500 Yachting in their launch edition with a livery paying tribute to the “Yacht Club Capri” also take on a unique style, inspired by sailing and the elegance of luxury yachts.

They are embellished with references to these worlds: the specific blue color and the soft top, also blue; the line of beauty, a nod to speedboats produced at prestigious shipyards; the chrome-plated design cues that embellish both models; the exclusivity of a major partnership with one of the 40 most prestigious sailing clubs in Italy: the Yacht Club Capri, as evoked by the “Yacht Club Capri” logo placed on the side and rear of the two Collectors’ Editions.

The two special launch series will also be numbered: the first 500 models of both cars – to be sold in Italy, France, Germany, Spain and Switzerland – will bear a badge with the country’s initials and the model number.

Fiat 500 Yachting

The 500 special version paying tribute to the “Yacht Club Capri” is also a nod to the sea, starting with the “Blu Dipinto di Blu” color, a homage to the intense hues of the sea at Capri and to the world of exclusive sailing, with chrome-plated inserts on the front grille, mirror caps and diamond-cut black 16” alloy wheels.

The new Collectors’ Edition takes on an electric-powered blue soft top: in a few seconds and with a single push of a button, the driver and passengers can enjoy the journey in typical dolce vita style.

Again on the 500 Yachting, a silver and blue line of beauty recalls the same line seen on yachts.  Last but not least, a logo marking the exclusive partnership with the Yacht Club Capri stands out on the pillar.

The prestigious design cues continue in the interior: the dashboard is made of seafaring wood for an elegant touch in typical dolce vita style. In contrast with the black surroundings are the ivory-colored seats with inserts in Frau leather and the 500 logo embroidered in blue.

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