Fiat 500 X – Italian Cross-Over In True 500 style

Fiat 500 X – Italian Cross-Over In True 500 style

Fiat 500X, the Italian crossover, has been updated inside and out with new looks and new technology to satisfy the latest mobility needs in a fast-growing segment in which 500X is already leading in Italy and in Europe, where it has gained a firm footing as one of the top five best-selling models in its segment since 2016.

The New Fiat 500X has an entirely refreshed exterior with new LED light clusters and Full-LED headlights, and updated interiors, which underline its unmistakable 500 identity even further, while delivering greater functionality and comfort at the same time. Furthermore, the new model offers for the first time on a Fiat an all-new family of three- and four-cylinder engines which guarantee driving satisfaction and up to 20% better fuel efficiency than previous petrol engines, while being remarkably 20% quieter than their turbo diesel counterparts. The driving experience is as pleasant, comfortable and safe as ever with the new driving assist systems offered as standard equipment on all versions. The automatic traffic sign recognition system in connection with the Speed Advisor allows drivers to avoid breaking the speed limit by adapting, with a simple click, the car’s speed using information it read from road signs along the way, while Lane Assist standard is a departure warning system for use on motorways.

For the launch of the New 500X, Fiat has made a delightful short movie lasting two and a half minutes, inspired by the cult film “Back to the Future”, which consolidates the bond between the brand and the world of cinema, a relationship that culminated last year with the tribute video “See you in the future”, created to celebrate the 500’s 60th birthday of Fiat 500 and starring the Oscar-winner Adrien Brody. The new film is based on the concept of an exciting journey through time, in which a young couple start out in the Sixties on board a Fiat 600 of the period and are catapulted into the present at the wheel of the New 500X. The short movie ends with a special appearance by the American actor Christopher Lloyd, in the cameo role of a policeman giving a knowing wink, who ends the journey through time.

Refreshed design, for functionality and personality in true 500 style

Unmistakable expression of the best Fiat design, the New Fiat 500X has evolved to become even more modern and functional, introducing new features designed to provide comfort and safety, with attention to detail and the typical 500 family style.

The most interesting new features include new LED light clusters. The new daylight running lights and LED rear light clusters are standard and convey an even more modern look, perfectly in tune with the most recent style elements introduced on the 500 family. Available on demand are the new headlights with Full Led technology, made in partnership with Magneti Marelli, which in addition to the unmistakable 500 style, ensure more powerful lighting, being 20% brighter than the Xenon technology offered on the previous model. Visibility is considerably improved and they consume five times less energy than traditional halogen lights. Last but not least, they reduce eye fatigue, thanks to daylight-like illumination, as well as covering a wider vision area: at a speed of 90 km/h, for example, obstacles are spotted up to four seconds sooner – which is 100 metres -than with the standard halogen units.

Finally, one of the key design features of the car is the stylish, high-tech LED signature around the module, giving the front of the New 500X a clear, distinctive visual identity. Not to mention the rear light clusters, with LEDs to make them even more individual and recognisable, as well as increasing its visibility and thus safety on the road.

The new Urban version features all-new front and rear bumper design, while the Cross and City Cross have new-look protective skid plates to reassert their audacious identity. The new exterior design reasserts the two personalities of the model – the urban one for tackling city traffic at ease, courtesy of its compact dimensions and raised driving position, and the more Cross one for taking on out-of-town adventures, also with 4WD. Compact outside and roomy inside, its large and protective environment is embellished with the ample use of premium materials, high-quality finish and handy storage compartments. A comfortable interior, in unmistakable Italian style, with a choice of seven different interiors – created by combining different types of fabric, leather, finishes and colours – a wide range of seat settings and a roomy boot. One of the biggest innovations is a completely restyled cockpit, featuring a new instrument cluster with graphics that are now even easier to read, together with a new steering wheel
which is contoured to ensure better positioning of the driver’s hands and perfect grip, premium Techno-leather upholstery and radio controls to ensure safe driving at all times. The ergonomic passenger compartment contributes to a comfortable and relaxed experience, also as a result of the easily reachable controls, gear stick position and handy front armrest.

The instrument panel maintains its arrangement into three circular elements, in the best 500 style, as the perfect blend of vintage looks and modern technology. Two analogue dials with speedometer and tachometers are arranged on the sides, while the 3.5″ reconfigurable TFT display in the middle provides key information to the driver in simple, straightforward manner.

Next-generation petrol engines for performance at the top of its category

The New 500X is the first Fiat model to fit the innovative family of turbo engines designed to strike the right balance for customers between the driving performance and satisfaction of the best turbo diesel engines (while being 20% quieter) and ensuring 20% better fuel efficiency compared to the previous petrol engines.

Euro 6/D-TEMP compliant and fitted with Gasoline Particle Filter (GPF), the new Firefly turbo engines are the result of over 75,000 hours of virtual tests, 60,000 hours of real-life off-vehicle tests and 5 million kilometres clocked up on roads worldwide to confirm their robustness and reliability.

Developed on a modular structure with 0.33 litre cylinder unit, the new turbo petrol engine line-up includes a three-cylinder 1-litre powerplant that delivers 120 HP and 190 Nm of peak torque paired with a six-speed manual transmission and front-wheel drive and a four-cylinder 1.3-litre engine with 150 HP and 270 Nm of torque, in this case combined with six-speed DCT dual clutch automatic transmission and front-wheel drive.

Their specific architecture guarantees efficiency, modularity, a high degree of component and production process standardisation, flexibility and openness to future evolutions.

The new engines are made entirely from aluminium alloy, ensuring unbeatable lightness (the three-cylinder version weighs just 93 kg), while the cylinder block, developed in partnership with Teksid, is in high-pressure die-cast aluminium alloy, with a bedplate architecture for the best combination of ride, weight and structural performance.

The use of many innovative technical characteristics contribute to improving performance and maximising driving comfort, such as direct fuel injection to maximise volumetric efficiency and the low inertia turbocharger controlled by an electrically operated wastegate actuator which, combined with a supercharger module water-cooled directly in the intake manifold, ensures a faster transient response and very swift acceleration.

Another innovation feature in the new Turbo engines is the introduction of the third generation of the exclusive MultiAir technology (called MultiAir III), which further optimises combustion efficiency through continual control of intake valve opening and timing: thanks to the specific intake and exhaust cam profiles, this improves low load efficiency by recycling exhaust gas through advance opening of the intake valves. When higher power is required, the MultiAir III technology reduces the real compression ratio by delaying valve closure, controlling knock and substantially improving fuel efficiency even at the highest loads.

Last but not least, the new Fiat 500X range of petrol engines is completed by the reliable 110 HP 1.6 E-Torq, combined with manual transmission and front-wheel drive, now upgraded to meet the Euro 6/D-TEMP pollution reduction standard.

The three MultiJet II Turbo Diesel engines with Stop&Start have also been upgraded and are now Euro 6/D-TEMP compliant

The New 500X can be equipped with the three turbo diesel engines with MultiJet II – a technology developed and patented by FCA – now upgraded with SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction) to comply with the Euro 6/D-TEMP standard.

There are three displacements available: 1.3, 1.6 and 2.0 litres. Specifically, the 95 HP 1.3 MultiJet II engine is combined with manual transmission and front-wheel drive, the 120 HP 1.6 MultiJet II turbo diesel can be teamed with six-speed manual or automatic dual clutch DCT transmission, with front wheel drive, while the 150 HP 2.0 MultiJet II powerplant has a nine-speed automatic transmission and four-wheel drive. To maximise efficiency, all Diesel engines feature a new system which combines, in a single unit, SCR with AdBlue injection to cut nitrogen (NOx) emission and DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter) to trap and reduce PM (particulate matter). This means that the engine achieves the highest eco-compatibility level offered on the market today for diesel systems without compromising performance. The power and torque curves confirm the excellence of the MultiJet II family, which ensures its trademark optimal torque at low rpm also in this latest configuration. The 1.3-litre MultiJet II delivers 95 HP and a peak torque of no less than 200 Nm at 1500 rpm, while the 1.6-litre MultiJet II provides 120 HP and a peak torque of 320 Nm at just 1.750 rpm and the 2.0 MultiJet II provides 150 HP and a peak torque of an impressive 350 at 1500 rpm.

Peace of mind and safety at the wheel with the most innovative driving assist systems

In addition to style, rich contents and remarkable comfort, the New 500X has answered the needs of customers who want drive assist systems and connectivity, offering an exciting, comfortable, safe driving experience.

Interestingly, two new systems are offered as standards equipment on all versions. They are Traffic Sign Recognition which reads road signs and Speed Advisor, allowing drivers to adapt the running speed to the signs read along the way to prevent breaking the speed limit. Lane Assist, which is the automatic lane departure warning system, is also standard, while optional equipment includes Blind Spot Alert, Safety Distance Manager (ACC), which adapts the speed of the car to that of the traffic and the distance from the vehicle ahead, in addition to Autonomous Emergency Brake.

The new Traffic Sign Recognition system comprises a camera mounted on the inside of the windscreen which reads the speed limits on road signs along the way. The data acquired are sent, in real time, to the instrument cluster display, alerting the driver to the limits to be complied with.

Speed Advisor: this is a new function of the Speed Limiter which, which when activated, adapts the speed of the car to the speed limit with a simple click. More in detail, Traffic Sign Recognition identifies the current speed limit and the innovative Speed Advisor reduces the speed simply and promptly to the advantage of safety. In short, it is an invaluable travelling companion.

Lane Assist is the lane departure warning system that uses the optical sensor of the camera to identify the position of the car in relation to the lane markings on the road surface. If the car strays out of lane, identified by the system as a change in trajectory without activation of the direction indicators, the system triggers a visual alarm and applies additional torque to the steering wheel to counteract the unintended lane change. Lane Assist operates at speeds between 60 and 180 km/h and can be activated by the driver.

Safety Distance Manager can be activated for automatic reduction of the set speed when the vehicle is approaching the vehicle ahead in the same lane, or when another vehicle moves into the same lane. The Safety Distance Manager returns to the set speed when the vehicle in front accelerates or moves to another lane. It also keeps the car at the distance from the vehicle ahead set by the driver. It operates from a speed of 30 km/h.

Autonomous Emergency Brake function available on the New 500X can recognise obstacles in the path of the car and brake automatically if the driver does not take action to prevent a collision. The assisted braking system features three functions: Autonomous Emergency Brake, Prefill and Brake Assist. The first of these, while respecting the driver’s intentions and leaving him in complete control of the car, applies emergency braking after careful assessment of the position and speed of the obstacles, the speed of the vehicle, lateral acceleration, steering angle and the pressure applied to the accelerator pedal (and any changes in this value). The Prefill system precharges the braking system to deliver a more immediate response both when the Autonomous Emergency Brake is triggered and if the brakes are applied by the driver. Finally, Brake Assist recognises emergency situations and modifies response to the brake pedal for even faster braking in conditions where this is crucial.

The automatic headlights with Adaptive-High Beam function switch on and off automatically depending on external light levels and can be equipped with the Adaptive-High Beam function, which switches the high-beam lights to low-beam when crossing another vehicle.

The Blind Spot Alert and Rear Cross Path Detection system uses radar sensors to assist drivers during lane changes and when overtaking or being overtaken by vehicles out of their angle of vision. The Blind Spot Alert system warns the driver of vehicles in blind spots via illuminating icons on the door mirrors and a beeper. When reversing out of a parking space, the Rear Cross Path Detection system alerts the driver if it identifies vehicles arriving from either side.

The Rain and Twilight Sensor system comprises an infrared sensor behind the internal rear-view mirror which continually sends infrared beams onto the windscreen to detect raindrops. If rain is detected, the system automatically activates the windscreen wipers. Similarly, in case of low external light levels the twilight sensor automatically switches on the headlights to improve both visibility and safety.

Via the rear reversing camera, the Uconnect system provides a wide-angle view of the zone immediately behind the vehicle, allowing the driver to reverse easily and with the greatest safety. It contains dynamic grid lines to use for guidance when parking in tight spaces and small areas.

With Keyless Entry & Keyless Go, when the driver approaches the car and pulls the door handle, the Keyless Entry & Keyless Go system control module checks whether the key is in the vicinity, recognises the encrypted codes transmitted via radio frequency, and unlocks the door. All the driver has to do is sit down at the wheel and start the engine by just pressing the button on the dashboard. This system is therefore extremely convenient, especially if the key is in a pocket or handbag and the driver’s hands are already full with other bags or cases.

The Active Rear View Mirror is an anti-glare mirror which, once the function has been activated using the button provided, automatically reduces the glare from a light from the rear of the car.

State-of-the-art connectivity is provided by Uconnect 7″ HD LIVE touchscreen, with Apple CarPlay integration and Android AutoTM compatibility.

Making the smartest solutions, which simplify and improve life at the wheel, affordable for all, is at the heart of the Fiat brand’s mission. This is implemented in the UconnectTM 7″ HD LIVE touchscreen system, which is the latest word in connectivity with Apple CarPlay integration and Android AutoTM compatibility. It is the development created for customers who are very interested in connectivity and the latest trends in the field of infotainment. The innovative Mopar® Connect, which combines remote assistance services and control functions to guarantee peace of mind on the road and constant control within smartphone reach, is available on request.

The UconnectTM 7″ HD LIVE system, the next-generation UconnectTM system with high-resolution 7-inch touchscreen, Bluetooth hands-free interface, audio streaming, text reader and voice recognition function, Aux and USB ports with iPod integration and controls on the steering wheel, is supplied as standard equipment. Rear parking camera and new TomTom 3D integrated navigation system are available on request. Furthermore, users will always be connected with the UconnectTM LIVE services. By downloading the free UconnectTM LIVE app from the App Store or Google Play Store to their smartphones, they can fully exploit the benefits of UconnectTM LIVE, which includes music streaming with Deezer and TuneIn, news from Reuters and connected navigation with TomTom LIVE, and can keep in touch with friends via Facebook Check-in and Twitter.

Finally, eco:Drive and my:Car ensure that customers can monitor their driving style to improve the economy and running costs of their car, wherever they want to go.

Apple CarPlay and Android AutoTM functions: the most special feature of the UconnectTM system is the integration of Apple CarPlay – the smartest and safest way to use an iPhone while driving – and compatibility with Android AutoTM, to enjoy all the functions of Google.

Apple CarPlay shows road directions optimised according to traffic conditions and it can be used to make phone calls, send and receive messages and play music while remaining focused on the road. Just connect your iPhone and go.

Apple CarPlay also works with other apps on your iPhone, such as like your favorite audio, messaging, and voice apps. CarPlay features Siri voice control and is specially designed for driving scenarios.

The system is compatible with Android AutoTM, as well, to continue the Android experience in the car, by “projecting” apps and services of the central display and is designed to make retrieving information while driving easy and safe.

The driver can use Google MapsTM to obtain route guidance and easily access music, multimedia contents and their favourite messaging apps. Easy, immediate interaction with devices guarantees the convenience of maintaining the same operating system even in the car, for constantly connected and safe driving, and means great quality of life on-board as well as improved ergonomics.

When an Android smartphone is connected to the vehicle or the compatible stereo system, the Android Auto apps appear on the vehicle’s display.

Mopar® Connect services meet the need of the digital era to exchange and monitor huge amounts of data in real time using connected devices and user-friendly interfaces.

Mopar® Connect follows this principle offering an array of additional services, that customers can manage using the Uconnect LIVE app. The most interesting include road rescue, help in case of accident and the possibility of remotely controlling the door locking and unlocking function. Other features include locating the vehicle in case of theft, sending an alert if a certain speed limit is exceeded or if the vehicle leaves a zone previously delimited on a map.

Finally, Mopar® Connect shows the position of the parked car and can be used view information on its conditions (fuel level, battery charge, tyre pressure).

Mopar Connect® is integrated with the Uconnect LIVE connected services (my:Car, eco:Drive, G:Skills and TomTom LIVE). These are complemented by two new services: my:Assistant and my:Remote Control. For example, with my:Assistant, in case of a road accident, Mopar® Connect detects the emergency and calls an operator who will help to activate rescues. A similar procedure is implemented in case of theft: the device detects that the car is moving without a key in the ignition, activates assistance and sends the car data to the Operations Centre.

Complete range for all mobility needs

The range comprises three versions on major EMEA Region markets, namely the New Fiat 500X Urban, the most metropolitan interpretation of the Fiat model; the New 500X City Cross to break free from everyday traffic and the New 500X Cross, the top-of-the-range trim level for taking on exciting out-of-town adventures even on snow or dirt roads.

The offer comprises six engines, two drive options (front or four-wheel) and four transmissions (five-speed manual, six-speed manual, six-speed DTC automatic and nine-speed automatic).

Customers also have a choice of 14 different colours: as well as the new tricoat Pearl White and the new metallic Italia Blue and Techno Green, the assortment also includes the metallic Jeans Blue, Venezia Blue, Argento Grey and Moda Grey, the pastel Gelato White, Cinema Black, Cappuccino Beige and Passione Red, the matt shades Matt Jeans Blue and Matt Alpi Green, and the exclusive Amore Red. The offer is completed by seven different wheel designs (16″, 17″ and 18″) and seven internal configurations.

In detail, the New Fiat 500X range starts from the Urban trim level, which is an excellent alternative to C-segment cars offering the best value for money in terms of equipment. Suffice it to say that standard equipment on the most metropolitan version includes LED DRL and rear lights, new Techno-leather steering wheel, new instrument panel with monochrome 3.5″ TFT and double USB port, manual climate control, Cruise Control, electric parking brake and 60/40 split rear seat. The outfit is completed by the new Traffic Sign Recognition and Speed Advisor driving assist systems, as well as Lane Assist system, 6 airbags (front, window and side) and ESC (Electronic Stability Control).

The second interpretation of the New 500X is the City Cross, which stands out for its redesigned front skid plate and specific bumper. Furthermore, the off-road look is enhanced by 16″ alloy wheels, satin chrome trims and body-coloured mirror caps. Also standard are the front fog lights, body-coloured dashboard and Apple Car Play ready and Android Auto compatible 7″ Uconnect system with DAB digital radio.

The third and last interpretation of the model is the New Fiat 500X Cross, the top-of-the-range version including 17″ alloy rims, roof bars and tinted windows in addition to specific off-road equipment of the previous version. Inside, this trim level features the 7″ Uconnect with Sat Nav, the Apple CarPlay integration and Android Auto compatibility. Also standard are the automatic climate control, rear parking sensors, rear camera and twilight sensor.

Last but not least, with the many specific Packs available customers can make their cars even more individual, with major savings on single purchase of the separate optionals.

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