Ferrari SF90 FXX by DMC

Ferrari SF90 FXX by DMC

DMC, a renowned name in the world of luxury car refinement, is proud to announce the debut of its latest creation, the Ferrari SF90 FXX. A true testament to the marriage of exquisite craftsmanship and cutting-edge technology, the SF90 FXX embodies the very essence of automotive excellence.


Inspired by the prowess of the new SF90 XX, DMC’s SF90 FXX features an awe-inspiring Carbon Fiber Aero Kit that not only enhances the vehicle’s aerodynamics but also amplifies its aggressive aesthetics. The heart of this masterpiece is the Prepreg Carbon Fiber Rear Wing, meticulously designed to seamlessly fit both the Stradale and the Assetto Fiorano variants of the SF90.

Intricately engineered, the SF90 FXX boasts newly designed Carbon Fiber Side Skirts that not only underscore its striking presence but also contribute to its aerodynamic efficiency. The commitment to perfection extends to every detail, with OEM Carbon Fiber Replacements including the Rear Diffuser, Front Lip, Side Air Vents, Side Panels, and even the Assetto Fiorano Duck Spoiler, catering to clients seeking a refined appearance reminiscent of the SF90 Assetto Fiorano.


A unique offering for those navigating challenging urban landscapes, the SF90 FXX’s Assetto Fiorano Duck Spoiler option presents a novel solution. This option brings the coveted Assetto Fiorano look to SF90 Stradale owners, while maintaining the convenience of a functional lift system – a feature absent in the original SF90 Assetto Fiorano.

The crowning jewel of the package is undoubtedly the awe-inspiring SF90 FXX wing spoiler, an epitome of both form and function. This distinctive feature not only captures attention but also contributes to the vehicle’s exceptional performance dynamics. It’s legs design features the same lines as the SF90 XX wing, albeit DMC decided to let their CNC master carefully craft them from Forged Aluminum. A feature the German engineers have been using for quite some years now, allowing each client to incorporate it’s own name, or even logo during the machining process.


Underlining DMC’s commitment to excellence, the SF90 FXX features the brand-new ZESAD Germany Performance Exhaust System. Available in both Stainless Steel and Titanium, this system is engineered to deliver an exhilarating auditory experience while significantly reducing weight, elevating the vehicle’s performance capabilities to a new zenith.

The mastery of DMC’s German engineers goes beyond visual enhancements. With a meticulous coding approach, DMC has unlocked the latent potential of the Ferrari SF90 FXX. Through skillful tuning, they have elevated the car’s power output from its original 735 kW to an astonishing 822 kW, translating to an impressive 1118 HP, and torque has been elevated from 800 Nm to a formidable 920 Nm. What sets DMC’s performance upgrade apart is their unwavering commitment to retaining the innate safety features of the chip, ensuring that the driving experience remains exhilarating while preserving the car’s integrity.


Partnering with AL13, a leading name in forged wheels, DMC ensures the SF90 FXX boasts wheels of unparalleled quality. With a focus on precision engineering, AL13’s forged wheels contribute not only to performance but also to the vehicle’s visual appeal.


“DMC’s dedication to pushing the boundaries of luxury car refinement is exemplified in the SF90 FXX,” said Gregor Hans Schoener, CEO of DMC. “This creation encapsulates our passion for innovation and our relentless pursuit of perfection.”

Every component of the SF90 FXX reflects the synergy between German precision and American ingenuity, with DMC’s composite products meticulously crafted in Germany and AL13’s forged wheels proudly manufactured in Miami, Florida, USA.

The SF90 FXX is more than a vehicle; it’s a statement of automotive excellence that redefines boundaries and sets new standards. With this latest creation, DMC solidifies its position as a true pioneer in luxury car tuning, and the SF90 FXX stands as a testament to the artistry and dedication of the DMC team.

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