Ferrari Hit 800 Podium Finishes in Formula 1, 300 More than the Second-Ranked McLaren

Over the past years, the four leading engine manufacturers in Formula One have been Ferrari, Mercedes-Benz, Honda, and Renault. Still, when it comes to total podium finishes, no one stands even close to Ferrari, the F1 constructor with the highest number of drivers in the top three positions.

According to data presented by, Ferrari hit 800 podium finishes in Formula 1 as of March, or 300 more than the second-ranked McLaren.

Ferrari Has More Podium Finishes than McLaren and Mercedes-Benz Combined

Formula One teams earn hundreds of millions of dollars for top finishing, and this year, there is more money in the game than ever. According to Statista and The Sporting News data, F1’s total prize money for 2023 is worth a shocking $2.2bn, more than in any other sport.

The exact amount of money the best teams receive depends on their performance during the season, including the number of pole positions, fastest laps, and points scored by a team’s drivers. The team that finishes first in the Constructors’ Championship will earn the most prize money.

Although Red Bull Racing and Mercedes-Benz rank as the top two constructor teams this season, both are far below Ferrari when looking at the total number of podium finishes. According to Statista data, the Italian Formula 1 constructor hit 800 podium finishes as of last month, more than McLaren and Mercedes-Benz combined.

McLaren’s drivers were in the top three positions 494 times, ranking as the second-best team. Williams and Mercedes-Benz follow, with 313 and 281 podium finishes, respectively. Statistics show Red Bull Racing ranked fifth with 236 top positions in F1 races.

More than 240 Grand Prix Wins and 16 World Championship Titles

Besides having the highest number of podium finishes of all Formula 1 constructors, Ferrari is also the engine supplier that has powered the most Grand Prix winners.

As of March, Ferrari had a total of 242 Grand Prix wins. This is 59 more than the second-ranked McLaren, which has 183 wins, and nearly double the wins of Mercedes-Benz. Also, the Italian F1 constructor has won 16 World Championship titles, seven more than the second-ranked Williams and eight more than McLaren, who ranked third.

Statistics show Ferrari also holds the top spot in the total number of pole positions, with 242 as of last month. McLaren and Mercedes-Benz follow, with 156 and 136 pole positions, respectively.

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