Ferrari F8 Tributo Estremo By DMC

DMC had an immense hit with their 488 Ferrari package, a popular aerodynamic package among GTB owners. When the F8 Tributo came to market, it was just a matter of time for DMC to bring on a successor. Today, releasing the Ferrari F8 Tributo “Estremo”, the Germans give us an insight on this new beast which wants to continue its siblings previous success story.

First thing that takes our attention is DMC’s continued quest to design kits that don’t look tuned. Looking at their aerodynamic package, the car infront of us could very well be mistaken for a F8 “Pista” from the original Ferrari Factory. All lines from DMC are in absolute harmony with the shape of the OEM parts, ready to drop jaws.

When we pay more attention to detail, we immediate notice that the wing is quite smaller compared with their previous 488 package, but boy does it still look good! Made from Prepeg Carbon Fiber, as all components of the kit, DMC’s spoiler adds around 100 KG of downforce with an aggressive appearance.

Right under it, the German’s have paid an homage to Ferrari’s classic design, adding a carbon fiber fascia between the blacked out (details!) rear lights. It gives us goosebumps and reminds without doubt to the early days of the Classic F360.

To our surprise, the Rear Diffuser has been mostly kept OEM, with just a slight enlargement of the diffuser’s fins. DMC argues that the OEM car has an amazing aero spec already, giving a perfect road stability. Well we certainly don’t mind the fact that it now comes in ultra-light weight carbon, shredding off some weight. And the diffuser really looks great as it came from factory Ferrari.

Moving over to the sides, we see DMC’s newly developed Side Skirts, and slowly understand how they manage to keep the original look. Besides following the car original body’s lines as we mentioned earlier, we do see DMC’s integration of original classic Ferrari shapes.

The sides skirts are add on parts that remind us of the 458 Speciale, yet larger and adopted to the F8 Tributo’s improved aero specs that DMC explains, was completely developed by wind-tunnel software.

The front fascia has received a complete transformation as well, even though no parts were replaced. Significantly the head lights have been partially covered to adopt the FXX style appearance we saw on previous Ferrari creations. Right below them, we find two bumper vents that have received grill covers, adding to the aggressive new look. The kit is completed with a set of add-on Front Lip Carnards. They widen the appearance of the DMC F8 “Estremo” and reduce wind turbulences that may appear near the front wheels.

The aerodynamic kit was created to support DMC’s engine modification. While the stock F8 is able to perform at 710 HP, the Germans from Dusseldorf have once again shown that they are the master of ECU modification by pushing it up to 788 HP. This increased power train pushes the maximum speed from stock 340 KM/H to 350 KM/H, which is also achieved by a modified Exhaust System. The ride from 0-100 KM/H (0-62 mp/h) was slightly improved from 2.9 to 2.8 seconds.


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