Evoluto Automobili 355 – A Remastered and Re-Engineered Italian Icon

Evoluto Automobili proudly unveils the 355 by Evoluto®, a meticulously re-engineered and remastered version of the iconic 90s Italian supercar. This program, known as Peak Analogue®, combines advanced driving dynamics, cutting-edge technology, and unparalleled engineering to deliver an extraordinary driving experience.

Peak Analogue® Experience
The 355 by Evoluto® is designed to offer a Peak Analogue® driving experience, serving as a counterpoint to the digital trend in modern supercars. This unique approach ensures a pure, engaging connection between the driver and the car.

State-of-the-Art Engineering
Engineered in the UK by DRVN Advanced Engineering and designed by renowned designer Ian Callum, the 355 by Evoluto® features a complete re-engineering program typically reserved for major car brands. The enhancements include a high-revving, naturally aspirated 420hp V8 engine, new engine management, and bespoke tuning, providing increased power and responsiveness up to 8,500rpm.

Modern Design and Customization
The 355 by Evoluto® boasts a new exterior made of carbon fiber, an entirely redesigned interior, and extensive options for personalization. The original car undergoes a comprehensive carbon fusing process, improving torsional stiffness by 23% and enhancing driving dynamics.

Limited Edition
Only 55 units of the 355 by Evoluto® will be commissioned, each tailored to the owner’s preferences. This exclusivity ensures a unique and personalized driving experience for every customer.

Exclusive Launch and Preview
The 355 by Evoluto® will be unveiled at an exclusive event at DRVN House during the Goodwood Festival of Speed. It will make its international debut at the prestigious Monterey Car Week in August 2024.

Engine Specs and Performance

  • Engine Type: Naturally aspirated V8
  • Horsepower: 420hp
  • Max RPM: 8,500rpm
  • Engine Management: New system with bespoke tuning
  • Ignition: Coil-on-plug solution
  • Quill Shaft: Proprietary design for reduced vibration and improved power transfer
  • CNC Ported Head: Larger inlet valves for better airflow and combustion efficiency
  • Exhaust System: Lightweight titanium sports exhaust with equal length headers
  • Cam Lifters: Solid cam lifters with bespoke inlet camshaft

Performance Enhancements

  • Increased Power: Enhanced to 420hp
  • Improved Throttle Response: Precise ignition timing and stronger spark energy
  • Reduced Vibration: Optimized quill shaft design
  • Enhanced Engine Breathing: CNC ported head and larger inlet valves
  • Better Combustion Efficiency: Improved airflow and thermal management
  • Exceptional Acoustic Profile: Titanium exhaust system for optimal sound
  • Higher RPM Stability: Solid cam lifters for precise power delivery

The 355 by Evoluto® represents a significant advancement in re-engineering classic supercars, combining state-of-the-art technology with a Peak Analogue® driving experience. This reimagined Italian icon sets a new benchmark for excellence in the world of high-performance, luxury automobiles.

For more information and to apply for the exclusive preview events, visit Evoluto Automobili.

Source: Evoluto Automobili
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