Entries open for 2023 Gulf Historic Dubai GP Revival

Between 8-10 December 2023, the Gulf Historic Dubai GP Revival will once again rejuvenate the prestige of historic motor racing by bringing together some of motorsport’s most iconic cars and drivers at the Dubai Autodrome.

Entries are now open for competitors for the 2023 edition of the event. Following last year’s success, the 70s-themed weekend promises to be bigger, better and faster than before.

A broad range of categories will showcase historic excellence from the pinnacle of motorsport, with legendary machinery from Formula One and Le Mans going wheel-to-wheel in the heat of Dubai.

Formula One 70s+

Considered the golden era of Formula One, the racing of this period was equally as scintillating as it was dangerous. Mirroring the rock and roll culture that characterised this period of history, Formula One was the ultimate balance of risk versus reward, made memorable by unforgettable and inimitable characters like James Hunt.

At this year’s Gulf Historic Dubai GP Revival, this category will feature a race between Formula One cars from 1970 to 1985.

Formula One 90s

Formula One in the 90s signified a move toward cutting-edge innovation, with screaming V10s, aerodynamic and technical revelations resulting in truly unparalleled racing machinery. And as the cars got faster, their drivers became true athletes, capable of commandeering these mechanical beasts.

The Formula One 90s category will feature demonstration runs from iconic cars that raced between 1987 and 1994.

Le Mans 80s+

A selection of the greatest endurance racers will take to the Dubai Autodrome this winter, and those legends of the 1980s will roar into life once more. The history these cars made on the Mulsanne straight will be revisited as they battle for supremacy again.

This class will see iconic Group C, IMSA and GTP cars do battle in a race that simply cannot be missed.

Le Mans 00s

Celebrating the juggernauts of motor racing, the Le Mans 00s category will see world-famous machinery from the sport’s most gruelling endurance races do battle. These icons that race through day and night for the ultimate glory will once again be tested to their absolute limits.

The Le Mans 00s class will involve demonstration runs from GT and Sports Prototype machinery from 1994 to 2010, including FIA World Endurance Championship and IMSA challengers.

And while these categories will guarantee invigorating racing action, there will be an abundance of off-track excitement for entrants to enjoy. With live music, premium hospitality and exclusive parties, there will be no shortage of entertainment throughout the course of the weekend.

Pierre-Brice Mena, Managing Director of GP Extreme, said: “We are delighted to open the entries for this year’s Gulf Historic Dubai GP Revival. Last year’s roster was an unmissable display of motorsport royalty, and we are looking forward to taking that to the next level this year.

“The categories for this year’s event will offer the opportunity for owners and drivers to flex their motorsport muscles and race their iconic machinery as it was intended. And alongside the sheer exhilaration of the on-track action, entrants will be able to immerse themselves in the glamour of historic motorsport.

“As last year’s event showed, the Gulf Historic Dubai GP Revival is about celebrating and recreating every element of classic racing, and the glitz, style and intoxicating atmosphere of our paddock is not to be missed. With unique parties and uncompromising hospitality and entertainment throughout the race weekend, our participants will be transported back to a time when motorsport was the epitome of style.”

Among the highlights of last year’s event was some stunning drives from three-time Le Mans winner Andre Lotterer in the sports car category, while Oliver Webb retained his title in the Formula One 70s category, driving James Hunt’s Hesketh 308B. Off-track, even more motorsport legends joined the action, with four-time Formula One world champion Alain Prost and nine-time Grand Prix winner Mark Webber also in attendance.

For those looking to enter their car(s) into the 2023 Gulf Historic Dubai GP Revival, please complete this application form.

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