eBay reveals the ultimate garage, as more than half of motorists admit they would consider moving house if it came with the “perfect garage”

Nearly two-thirds of UK motorists (65%) would consider moving house for the perfect garage, and they’d be prepared to pay 4.9% over a property’s asking price for the dream layout – that’s according to the latest research by eBay.

While 91% of respondents to the poll had a garage big enough to house a car, only half (51%) used their garage for this purpose – with clutter preventing 60% of motorists from making the best use of the space available.

Using the findings from its study of 2,000 car enthusiasts, eBay worked with architectural studio, Bindloss Dawes, to envision how the UK’s ultimate garage would look. The dream design includes practical touches such as custom toolboxes and a hydraulic lift, to help carry out repairs, while a mini kitchen and jukebox keep car aficionados fed and entertained while they work on their vehicle.

According to the research more than four in ten (42%) homeowners feel that their current garage stops them from fulfilling their passion for cars. More than half (64%) of respondents would be more likely to own a classic car if they had a garage to store it in.

The UK’s perfect garage would also have a large tool chest for storage – along with a complete selection of hand tools essential for car repairs and fine-tuning. With over 130,000 car tool listings on eBay, it comes as no surprise that car fans need the perfect place to store them.

Additionally, the ultimate garage would have built-in drainage so owners can wash their car indoors, a full body workshop and ventilation for spray painting would be key ingredients as well.

Pleasingly for neighbours, 79% of respondents would want it to be soundproof too, while 71% would ensure it was eco-friendly.

The study also revealed the iconic Aston Martin DB5 (22%) is the car respondents most wanted to have in their perfect garage, followed by the Jaguar E-type (18%), Porsche 911 (17%) Ford Mustang (17%), and the Audi R8 (17%).

Laura Richards, Category Lead – Vehicle Parts and Accessories eBay UK Ltd, said: “The result of our mission to imagine the perfect garage has made it evident that the automotive enthusiast spirit runs deep in the UK, with so many dream features centring on the tools and vehicles themselves. Tinkering with cars is a real passion point for many of our auto customers and we’ve got hundreds of thousands of tools and parts on eBay to help them bring their ultimate garage to life.”

Notably, the desired features extend beyond mere storage solutions, with preferences ranging from a car charging port, tyre changer, air compressor, and a hydraulic car lift.

Oliver Bindloss, director at Bindloss Dawes Architects said: “Garages are so much more than just a functional space for cars, they must be tough and work hard but also be enjoyable spaces to relax in. For us as architects the perfect garage has to start with the cars themselves and what they require; is the garage for full restorations or lighter maintenance?

“Given the passion of the owners, we love to create a perfect garage washed with natural light, showing off the cars at their best as well as making for a space that is enjoyable to spend time in and to relax while working on their cars or with friends.”


  1. Large tool chest for storage
  2. Space efficient storage options
  3. High-level security system
  4. A fridge/freezer
  5. Complete selection of hand tools essential for car repairs/fine-tuning
  6. Built-in drainage so you can wash your car indoors
  7. Car charging port
  8. Superfast internet
  9. Tire changer
  10. Air compressor
  11. Custom tool cabinets
  12. Every socket wrench available
  13. Car charging port
  14. Eco-friendly heating and air conditioning to ensure cars are stored at the perfect temperature
  15. Task lighting
  16. A hydraulic car lift
  17. Mini kitchen
  18. A top of the range car diagnostics tool
  19. Jukebox
  20. Pool/snooker table
  21. Vehicle inspection pit
  22. A bar with draught beer on tap
  23. Voice-activated lighting
  24. Full body workshop
  25. Vehicle inspection pit/grease pit
  26. Decorative lighting
  27. Discrete bicycle storage
  28. A cinema screen and projector
  29. Arcade machines
  30. Petrol/diesel pump
  31. Ventilation for spray painting/use of solvent-based products
  32. Wheel balancer
  33. Welding equipment
  34. Record player
  35. Engine hoists
  36. Plants
  37. Framed artworks
  38. Latest game consoles
  39. La-Z-Boy recliner
  40. A Bat Cave-style turntable

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