Discover the New Hellcat Redeye-Powered 1988 Grand Wagoneer by Vigilante

Discover the New Hellcat Redeye-Powered 1988 Grand Wagoneer by Vigilante

As North America’s premier builder of incredible vintage-era Grand Wagoneers, Vigilante once again surprises with their latest 1988 custom build. Made as the ultimate sleeper, Vigilante’s brand new fiery crimson wood-paneled Grand Wagoneer is a completely reimagined street rod, featuring an 807-horsepower Hellcat Redeye engine ready to dominate on and off road. Known for meticulously restoring classic Jeeps that honor legendary designs such as the Grand Wagoneer and Cherokee, Vigilante’s new 1988 Grand Wagoneer features an astonishing level of speed and control through modern upgrades expertly implemented throughout an authentically restored, magnificent Jeep.

Celebrated across the world, the Grand Wagoneer’s legacy spanned from 1963-1991. Interestingly, the late model Grand Wagoneers from 1988-1991 are prized by collectors due to the late year model’s “sunset stretch” characterized by more high-end features and technology such as electric seats. Famously embodying strength, versatility, and luxury, the Grand Wagoneer proudly stands as the father of modern-day SUVs, historically sparking America’s love for versatile, roomy, impressively-designed transportation. The new Vigilante 1988 Grand Wagoneer pays homage to one of the greatest Jeeps ever made.

The legacy of the Jeep Grand Wagoneer also owes much to the visionary designs of Brooks Stevens, an incredibly influential industrial designer. His innovative vision played a pivotal role in shaping the essence of the Jeep brand, which informed many SUV designs. Stevens’ transportation designs paved the way for future Wagoneers, remaining virtually unchanged until production ceased in 1991.

While Vigilante focuses on perfectly restoring each Jeep, the genius of the company lies in subtly improving all aspects of the Grand Wagoneer with tasteful, much-needed modernities. The backbone of the new Vigilante 1988 Grand Wagoneer starts with a newly developed modern chassis designed exclusively by the company. The roaring heart of the Grand Wagoneer is a fiery new 807-horsepower (717 lb.-ft. of torque) 6.2L Hemi Hellcat Redeye engine mated to a high-performance 4-speed Bowler 4L80E automatic transmission. Now with more than five times the power of the 1988 original truck’s 144-hp, Vigilante engineered the new, sinfully good Grand Wagoneer to keep pace with anything on the road.

What’s under the hood makes this Vigilante Wagoneer a real sleeper. At first glance, this 1988 Grand Wagoneer’s speed may not be immediately apparent, but once someone starts driving, the performance is immediately astonishing,” — comments Vigilante Co-Founder and CEO Daniel van Doveren

With Vigilante’s extensive experience in the world of vintage Jeep restoration, our company is one of the few that has the expertise to seamlessly integrate an engine of this caliber into a vintage Wagoneer, perfectly pairing together the power with authentic style.

Performance is seamlessly distributed to all four wheels via the Atlas-II transfer case and unflappable Dana 44/Dana 60 Currie Enterprise axles. Ensuring optimal handling and comfort, the 4-link Eibach coil suspension combined with Fox Racing shocks provides a balanced stance and smoother ride quality for the restomod. Braking performance is enhanced by signature 6-piston brakes with Hydroboost power assistance, delivering confidence-inspiring stopping power when needed.

After media blasting down to bare metal, Vigilante begins a classic restoration process for the exterior with sheet metal repairs that avoid the use of fillers. The new Vigilante 1988 Grand Wagoneer features all-new tempered glass and machined 17-inch stock-looking wheels that update the Jeep’s aesthetic in a discreet, yet functional manner. This truck received an eye-catching, red hot two-toned paint livery with the truck exactingly outfitted in the rich wood grain tones that famously made up the classic Grand Wagoneer trim. Vigilante’s impressive attention to detail is evident throughout every build aspect, ranging from the careful restoration of Wagoneer chrome trim to the extensive noise-canceling Dynamat soundproofing. Modern climate control for both the front and rear seating is also subtly inserted under the dash, interfaced with the original-style controls.

The interior of the new Vigilante Wagoneer custom is decadently upholstered with Moore & Giles leathers, handsomely complemented by New Old Stock corduroy inserts. Each seat underwent an extensive restoration, including powder coating, along with the installation of new springs, foam, and padding to ensure peerless comfort. Traditional Grand Wagoneers featured long shag carpeting, giving the vehicle cabin a saloon-like feel. Incredibly difficult to replicate, Vigilante created the long shag carpeting for this build by specially sourcing rare sheepskin hides and skillfully blending and tanning them to recreate a lush, extravagant feel.

Drawing inspiration from the Rolls-Royce artisans responsible for crafting the company’s lambskin interiors, this new Vigilante Grand Wagoneer gorgeously integrates the same sheepskin materials into the interior panels of the cabin as well, tastefully contrasting them with premium grain leathers. On the driver’s side, Vigilante’s signature new, but original-era designed stock-looking gauges are installed throughout to deliver a thrilling drive experience that remains classic in look.

Experts will note that Vigilante departed from the original Grand Wagoneer’s traditional low-to-the-ground stance. With comfort and visibility in mind, Vigilante CEO Daniel van Doveren opted to significantly elevate the vehicle, providing drivers with a clear view from behind the wheel in line with current SUVs while still maintaining the optimal aspect ratio. To ensure drivers can easily get in and out of the Grand Wagoneer, Vigilante integrated special power steps for effortless entry and exit.

Modern-day SUVs tend to stand up pretty high, so Vigilante made sure that we lifted this 1988 Grand Wagoneer to present more aggressively while allowing drivers a nice view. With our updated suspension, brakes, and bigger wheels, Vigilante is committed to bringing legendary Grand Wagoneers back on the road with absolutely everything drivers need to enjoy them,” — continues van Doveren “Vigilante specializes in preserving the classic aesthetic of transcendent transportation designs like the Grand Wagoneer while pairing them with the performance that people need to have fun and drive them safely on roads today. Vigilante is committed to breathing new life into old school, vintage Jeeps, reviving them for joyful driving wherever the road takes our clients.” — Dan van Doveren Representing the pinnacle of Vigilante’s skill in restoration and engineering, the exclusive custom 1988 Hellcat Redeye Grand Wagoneer commission is available at a price tag of $385,000.

Vigilante specializes in full-size vintage Jeep models originally sold between 1963 to 1991, including the Cherokee, Wagoneer, and J-Truck (Gladiator) models. With more than 20 years of experience fully restoring more than 50 classic Jeeps via parent company JeepHeritage, Vigilante was launched as a way to maintain the cherished Jeep tradition while incorporating reliable modern drivetrains. Vigilante builds serve as the next logical step in terms of restomod advancement for vintage Jeeps.

No other builders understand the deep nuances and history of Jeep at the same level of the Vigilante crew. Our team is pushing the boundaries of what many thought was possible in a Jeep restomod, and that stems from our team’s shared passion for these vehicles, — continues Daniel van Doveren


  • Engine: 807-hp 6.2L Hemi Hellcat Redeye (717 lb.-ft. torque)
  • Transmission: 4-speed Bowler 4L80E automatic
  • Chassis: Modern chassis designed by Vigilante
  • Axles: Dana 44/Dana 60 Currie Enterprise
  • Suspension: 4-link Eibach coil with Fox Racing shocks
  • Brakes: 6-piston brakes with Hydroboost power assistance
  • Wheels: 17×8″ machined stock-looking wheels
  • Interior: Moore & Giles leathers, New Old Stock corduroy inserts, recreated long shag carpeting, lambskin materials
  • Additional Features: Atlas-II transfer case, Dynamat soundproofing, modern climate control, power steps for entry and exit

Explore the incredible blend of classic design and modern performance with the new Vigilante 1988 Grand Wagoneer.

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