Cupra Formentor VZ5 – A Seat Like You’ve Never Seen Before

Cupra Formentor VZ5 – A Seat Like You’ve Never Seen Before

“The CUPRA Formentor VZ5 delivering 390 HP is a car that you have to feel when you drive it.” CUPRA development driver Jordi Gené was closely involved in the set-up of this exclusive model, of which there will only be 7,000 units. A car born on the racetrack to transmit each sensation to the driver, with attention to every last detail. Even its CUP Bucket seats are inspired by the world of racing. This is how they were developed.

-Carbon fibre sensations. Inspired by the racetrack, the new CUP Bucket seats designed exclusively for the Formentor VZ5 conform to race car aesthetics. “The seat is the driver’s first contact with the car; it’s responsible for transmitting the sensations of the road and with these CUP Buckets the emotions are fully conveyed” says CUPRA’s CTO Marta Almuni. The centre bezels that crown the backrest and the carbon fibre rear side are some of the details that give these seats a clearly sporty style.

-Wraparound geometry. One of the key elements in delivering this immersive driving experience was to provide optimum support. To achieve this, the engineers at the Technical Centre involved race car drivers Jordi Gené and Matthias Ekström. Together with Sabelt, a company specialising in the development and production of high-performance seats for road cars and racing cars, Gené and Ekström offered advice on the development and calibration of the seats. “We carried out several test drives in various environments in order to adjust the foam and support” says Gené. His experience helped transfer the sensations of a racing seat to a road car seat that encompasses an all-over wraparound geometry from the legs to the shoulders. “This provides good cornering support, which makes it easier to stay focused on the road and on driving,” Almuni says.

-Sportiness combined with comfort. A car seat has a set of attributes that get transformed into emotions when behind the wheel, and “the CUP Bucket fulfils all of them: design, functionality, feel and adaptability to each person’s body. Racing seats are designed like a glove for a single driver. The challenge we had was to ensure this adaptability to a wide range of drivers” says CUPRA’s CTO. In order to ensure entering and exiting the vehicle is as easy as possible, and without compromising on its sporty design, engineers analysed the geometry of the vehicle’s curves and tested it with drivers of varying heights.

-Maximum adaptation to the body. The seats of the Formentor VZ5 have different selective hardnesses, firmer on the lower sides and softer on the backrest and upper area, to enhance comfort and adaptability. “By working on the properties of the foam in each contact zone, we managed to achieve maximum adaptation to the body and a very dynamic behaviour” according to CUP Bucket seat development engineer Jesús Alonso.

-Passion for detail. Sportiness and sophistication go hand in hand with the model, complementing the car’s interior design. Perfect trim is key for the brand, which is fully realised in the CUP Bucket seats: napa leather in Black Soul and Petrol Blue, breathable materials, deeply embossed surfaces, exposed stitching and micro-perforations give these exclusive seats added value.

More exclusivity on the CUPRA Formentor VZ5
390 HP
2.5 litre engine TSI engine
20” copper machined alloy wheels
Akebono brakes in copper with 6 piston callipers
Carbon fibre diffuser
Quad copper exhaust pipes
Special edition with exclusive Taiga Grey colour option

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