Croatia’s Beautiful Past Meets Its Cutting-Edge Present As Nevera Takes Up Residence In Hvar

The groundbreaking Rimac Nevera all-electric hypercar is taking up residence within the historic center of the beautiful Croatian coastal town of Hvar, from 24 July to 10 August. The public display will bring together Croatia’s most famous company with one of its most beautiful locations: the Hvarska Pjaca (Hvar Square), which is surrounded by buildings stretching back more than 500 years.

Hvar town is located on an island in the Adriatic Sea off the coast of Croatia, renowned for its natural beauty and well-preserved historic architecture. In recent years, it has become a hotspot of luxury tourism, with large yachts mooring in the historic harbor to explore the beautiful beaches, vibrant nightlife and world-class dining.

For just a couple of weeks, the Rimac Nevera will blend in amongst the attractions of Hvar, hosted within a pop-up Rimac showroom experience. It’s an opportunity for visitors to see a product of modern-day Croatia, with the Nevera designed, engineered and constructed in-house by the Rimac Group on the outskirts of Zagreb.

The Nevera takes its name from the storm system that occasionally descends upon the Hvar island. A nevera is a mighty storm that arrives suddenly from a clear sky off the Adriatic coast, often charged with lightning, and then disappears almost just as quickly. The Rimac Nevera is able to transform in an instant, from comfortable GT to the fastest-accelerating car in the world. The Nevera currently holds the record for 22 separate performance specs, including 0-60mph, 0-100mph and 0-200mph.

In addition to the static display of Nevera, Rimac Automobili will also be running dynamic displays and test drive opportunities for a select few. Drivers can experience Nevera’s advanced R-AWTV 2 (Rimac All-Wheel Torque Vectoring) and its 1,914hp powertrain on Hvar’s beautiful roads including the D116, which winds its way along the rugged shoreline, offering panoramic vistas of the azure Adriatic Sea, picturesque coves, and the stunning Pakleni Islands scattered in the distance. The road hugs the cliffs, providing drivers with awe-inspiring views of the turquoise waters below.

“From the very start our business has been proudly Croatian. The Nevera is named after a legendary Croatian storm and you’ll find a cravat motif on its flanks, in honor of the necktie, a Croatian invention. Even throughout the launch of this car, we shot much of the promotional material on the Croatian coast, and showcased the car to journalists on the stunning coastal roads. So, it’s only right that we once more connect our country’s cutting-edge present with its beautiful past, bringing the magic of Nevera to the many visitors that explore Hvar this summer, including our prospects.” MATE RIMAC FOUNDER AND CEO OF RIMAC GROUP

Rimac is also planning to build a long-lasting relationship with Hvar itself, supporting education in the local community. Hvar Elementary and High School will be given the unique opportunity to be involved alongside Rimac with STEM-IT projects that will see them provided with an array of equipment including 3D printers. The schools will also be given the rare chance to share and exchange Rimac’s technical knowledge, with Rimac technology experts hosting lectures and informative technical workshops for students.

The Rimac Nevera represents the pinnacle of performance and cutting-edge technology, boasting both stunning design and incredible power. Designed, engineered, optimized and built in-house at Rimac, on the outskirts of Zagreb in Croatia, this hypercar has set a new benchmark for the automotive industry, with only 150 examples to ever be built. The Nevera has been independently verified as the fastest electric vehicle in the world with a top speed of 412 kph / 256 mph, and the fastest accelerating production car in the world, having set over 20 acceleration and braking records earlier this year.

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