Coming Soon: Mini EMastered By David Brown Automotive – An Icon Remastered

David Brown Automotive has today announced that it will soon reveal Mini eMastered, an all-electric version of its Mini Remastered model.

Mini eMastered is the much-anticipated all-electric powertrain derivative of its Mini Remastered model line-up; known for blending timeless design, technology for everyday use and high levels of luxury and personalisation.

With an unwavering dedication to craftsmanship, innovation, and sustainability, the British brand has earned recognition for its handcrafted masterpieces. The introduction of Mini eMastered signals a new era as it reaffirms its position as a driving force in the electrification of the luxury automotive industry.

The perfect town and city car, Mini eMastered will offer the chance to own a classic vehicle with all the modern technology and luxuries of today, perfectly blending classic aesthetics and electric propulsion, redefining the art of driving for the modern age.

David Brown – Mini Remastered Showing below

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