Canoo American Bulldog

Canoo American Bulldog

Canoo Technologies, a leading high-tech advanced mobility company, today introduced the American Bulldog.

This vehicle is a derivative of the Screaming Eagle that was delivered to the U.S. Army for extensive testing in 2022. The American Bulldog builds upon Canoo’s rapid product development and real-world testing.

A powerhouse of engineering, this vehicle sets a new mobility standard and reflects the grit and resolve of the American people. It combines striking design with world-class performance while emphasizing minimalism with maximum functionality for work, adventure, and service.

“Like the American Bulldog, this vehicle is loyal and courageous. It’s woven into the American spirit and reflects this country’s innovation,” said Tony Aquila, Executive Chairman and CEO of Canoo. “When we say ‘Made in America,’ we mean it.”

On two wheels or four, this vehicle performs like a battleship. The vehicle’s strength comes from its honeycomb design. It’s strong and rigid but almost soars like an eagle through harmonized steer-by-wire and brake-by-wire systems.

Driven by Canoo’s continuous advanced technologies, this high-tech marvel is entirely different on the inside and on the outside. Most engineers wouldn’t believe what Canoo has achieved: this vehicle is a masterclass in form and function.

To believe what Canoo is doing, watch this video

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