C5 X Plug-In Hybrid: The Ultimate Comfort Of Citroën Advanced Comfort Active Suspension

The plug-in hybrid version of the C5 X offers, as a world premiere, Citroën Advanced Comfort® Active Suspension, which combines Progressive Hydraulic Cushions® with active suspension control. The vehicle adapts the suspension of each wheel to be softer or firmer depending on the conditions encountered.


Sensors analysing the road and its irregularities transmit information to a computer which continuously determines the correct configuration to ensure maximum comfort for all occupants.

As well as ESP sensors, the controlled suspension has four vertical position sensors and three wheel-speed sensors to analyse vehicle body movements and driving rhythm: longitudinal and lateral acceleration, yaw rate (vehicle rotation around its vertical axis), steering wheel angle and turning speed, accelerator pedal position, brake pressure, vehicle load, etc. All this information is sent to an electronic control unit, which then continuously adjusts suspension action.

Suspension control reinforces the work efficiency of the Progressive Hydraulic Cushions® by releasing the suspension even more while driving to fly over the road on the straight lines, while guaranteeing effective body support when carrying heavy loads, thus ening the feeling of safety on board.

“For the development of the C5 X, we had to comply with a very stringent set of specifications: take a step further in developing the smooth ride that sets Citroën suspension apart, while offering a very high level of body support. We have worked for four years to develop this unique feature and achieve the ultimate comfort provided by Citroën Advanced Comfort® Active Suspension”.  Denis Mineret, Head of Development of C5 X Suspension Systems.


The C5 X Plug-in Hybrid offers four driving modes, which can be set with the mode selector on the central console, to adapt the type of road and comfort level that the driver and passengers want.

  • In Electric mode, the drive train is of course 100% electric, with Citroën Advanced Comfort® Active Suspension set to Normal mode.
  • Hybrid mode alternates between 100% electric driving and a combination of electric and petrol/diesel power. The active suspension remains in Normal mode.
  • In Comfort mode, the drive train operates as in Hybrid mode, but the active suspension is switched to Comfort mode to enhance the flying carpet effect.

The Normal and Comfort suspension modes are similar under 50 km/h to ensure the best low frequency flexibility. Above 50 km/h, the modes are differentiated to guarantee the best flexibility in Comfort mode and the best comfort/body support combination based on the speed in Normal mode.

  • Finally, in Sport Mode, the combustion engine runs continuously and is supported by the electric motor to deliver maximum energy. At the same time, the steering, accelerator and automatic transmission settings are more dynamic. The active suspension system also switches to a tighter Sport mode to boost driving pleasure.


The petrol version of the C5 X is equipped as standard with the Citroën Advanced Comfort suspension system, and its Progressive Hydraulic Cushions®, which offers the brand’s characteristic smooth ride that takes any speed bumps, potholes or ditches in the road like there’s nothing to it.

The suspension works in two stages depending on road conditions:

  • On light compressions and spring movements, the spring and damper control vertical movements without the need to use the hydraulic cushions. But these cushions help engineers create vehicles with greater freedom of movement, providing a “flying carpet” effect.
  • During major compressions and spring movements, the spring and damper work together with the hydraulic compression or expansion cushion, gradually slowing the movement to avoid abrupt stops at the end of travel. Unlike a conventional mechanical cushion, which absorbs energy but also releases some of it, the hydraulic cushion absorbs and dissipates this energy. There is therefore no rebounding.


For a century now, the notion of comfort has been closely linked to Citroën. Although it can be summed up in a single word, comfort has multiple aspects. Damping, body support, acoustics, seats, brightness, spaciousness, ergonomics, versatility, services, and so on. Many parameters contribute to defining the well-being and peace of mind that passengers feel when using and maintaining their vehicle.

To deliver all these facets of comfort to its customers, Citroën launched the Citroën Advanced Comfort® programme in 2016. One of the pillars of the programme is the Progressive Hydraulic Cushions®suspension system introduced to the range with the restyled C4 Cactus in 2017. With Citroën Advanced Comfort® Active Suspension, Citroën takes its Citroën Advanced Comfort® programme one step further programme and brings C5 X Plug-in Hybrid customers ultimate travel comfort.


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