Bugatti W16 Mistral Enters Final Testing Phase

Bugatti W16 Mistral Enters Final Testing Phase

Bugatti’s rich history of performance roadsters is legendary, with icons like the Type 35 and Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse. The W16 Mistral is the latest chapter in this tale, marking the first open-top model from Molsheim since 2015 and the swansong for the W16 engine.

Significant in many ways, the Mistral represents Bugatti’s dedication to innovation and excellence. It boasts a reengineered monocoque, finely-tuned aerodynamics, and a top speed exceeding 420km/h. Bugatti’s commitment to delivering the highest standards of performance, safety, and luxury is evident in the exhaustive testing program. This includes crash tests to ensure occupant protection and aerodynamic assessments to optimize performance.

CTO Emilio Scervo highlights the meticulous evaluation process. “We are in the last part of the testing program – we are getting close to the finish. From the initial validation stages to the intensive endurance tests, every aspect of the Mistral’s development is precisely planned and executed. The Mistral is the ultimate example of our dedication to setting new standards in roadster design.”

Prototype 2 has already covered over 32,000km, showcasing its adaptability and durability across various terrains, including high altitudes, sea level, and heavy traffic conditions. Looking ahead, Bugatti plans to add another 5,000 kilometers on the track, pushing the limits of the Mistral even further.

One of the most challenging aspects of the latter testing process is verifying the Mistral’s top speed. Engineers face the logistical challenge of finding a suitable track that allows safe testing at speeds over 420km/h. Despite this, the brand is confident that the Mistral will break records and exceed expectations. “We are planning to run the final high-speed test in one of the very few tracks around the world that allow us to run the test in safe conditions,” added Scervo. “The moment that we have access to that track, however, achieving the top speed will no longer be a problem.”

Throughout the testing phase, Bugatti has remained dedicated to delivering a car that not only meets but exceeds performance standards. The Mistral is set to establish new benchmarks for safety, reliability, luxury, and driving experience in a hyper sports roadster. With the Mistral nearing the end of its testing journey, production of Bugatti’s most aerodynamic and emotional roadster to date is expected to begin at the Molsheim Atelier later this year.

Source: Bugatti
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