Bugatti Presents Its New Website

Bugatti’s transformative journey into a holistic French luxury brand that encompasses overarching lifestyle spheres is now optimally reflected in the brand-new and state-of-the-art Bugatti website. Featuring an interactive navigational experience, the digital hub stimulates the senses and creates an enduring connection with the brand.
In recent years Bugatti’s evolution has been unprecedented, with the brand expanding at a quicker pace than ever before in its long and rich history. This development has resulted in a product portfolio of hyper sports cars like no other: the Chiron1 family features four derivatives, each with its own distinct character, while the Divo2, Centodieci3 and La Voiture Noire4 are a celebration of modern coachbuilding at its very finest. The Bolide5 and the W16 Mistral6 are the latest Bugatti automobiles to be presented, establishing new facets of performance and character for the brand.

Running in parallel to the carefully curated expansion of its line-up of industry-leading automobiles, Bugatti’s presence in the virtual world has also expanded in stature and relevance. “Having recently implemented a new brand identity, it was essential for us to present Bugatti in a progressive and bolder way – speaking to new audiences while celebrating and respecting the brand’s essence and values,” explains Hendrik Malinowski, Managing Director of Bugatti Automobiles. “Now is the right time to reflect the new positioning of Bugatti as a leading innovator in the luxury world with a modernized online presence in the typical Bugatti timeless and effortlessly elegant appearance and highly advanced technology. The outcome is a new website encapsulating Bugatti’s development into a true house of luxury.”

The marque from Molsheim is emphasizing its new positioning by placing special focus on an all-inclusive Bugatti lifestyle experience and its unique brand universe with inspiring lifestyle partnerships, products and experiences that go beyond Bugatti’s famed automobiles, making the new digital home the main brand hub for the entire Bugatti community.

The new site features a dynamic and immersive design that is elegantly integrated into award-winning CI/CD. The new visual language goes beyond static images, putting visitors at the center of its virtual environments, inviting them to embark on a three-dimensional exploration of the brand’s unparalleled ethos. The overall mystic look and feel does not only fit to the brand’s corporate colors but also to its metaphysical technological achievements and the many mysterious stories around Bugatti. By harmonizing sight and sound, the new online home of Bugatti has been crafted to generate genuine engagement, transcending conventional digital interactions.

The technological focus was to create a dynamic environment that breathes life into the channel, enabling it to continuously evolve and showcase the brand in its entirety. Each section, page and featured model was individually curated from scratch to foster engaging interactions with users. After intensive investment into research and development, the technology behind the site was tuned in a unique way to reach a captivating journey throughout the site.

Most notably, the immersive scroll stands out, empowering the audience to smoothly progress through each content piece. An extension of this scroll is its harmonious blending with the site’s different soundtracks. The way the content is curated and displayed brings a certain mystery of what is to come, but also integrates different pages from a section seamlessly together with sound.

Where most browsers would automatically mute the next page’s soundtrack, the most advanced browsers allow users to click on a new page and continue to hear the sound from the exact second where they left the prior page. This gives the visitor the feeling of remaining on a continuous journey throughout the Bugatti universe. To allow an unrestricted immersion into the new website Bugatti has included various features of this kind.

As a living channel, the new Bugatti website will continue to evolve together with the brand, to remain at the pinnacle of experience and performance and deliver the finest craftsmanship, both offline and online.

Explore the new Bugatti website:

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