BMW 3-Series Sedan (2025)

BMW 3-Series Sedan (2025)

For nearly 50 years, the BMW 3-Series has embodied the core essence of the BMW brand. It epitomizes sporty driving pleasure in the premium midsize class and has consistently set benchmarks in design, driving dynamics, and technological innovations through seven model generations. The latest-generation BMW 3-Series Sedan continues this tradition of excellence with a series of updates that enhance its visual appeal, technological sophistication, and driving performance.

Technological Advancements
The new BMW 3-Series Sedan boasts significant technological enhancements, including new high-voltage batteries that extend the electric range of the plug-in-hybrid models to a maximum of 101 kilometers (63 miles) in the WLTP cycle. The BMW Operating System 8.5 with QuickSelect enhances digitalization, offering intuitive operation and advanced navigation features, including Augmented View. These upgrades ensure that the 3-Series remains at the forefront of modern automotive technology.

Design and Comfort
Both the exterior and interior of the BMW 3-Series Sedan have been refined with precise design modifications. New exterior paint finishes and light-alloy wheels accentuate the car’s sporty elegance. Inside, new steering wheels, a redesigned instrument panel, and high-quality materials such as CraftedClarity glass applications elevate the driving experience to new s of premium modernity.

Production and Market Leadership
Production of the new BMW 3-Series Sedan will commence in July 2024 at BMW Group Plant Munich, with additional production at BMW Group Plant San Luis Potosí in Mexico and the Tiexi plant in Shenyang, China, for the local market. The 3-Series remains a market leader in the premium midsize segment across key markets such as China, Germany, Great Britain, Europe, and the USA.

Powertrain Options
The BMW 3-Series Sedan offers a variety of powertrains to suit different driving preferences. These include:

  • Four Petrol Engines
  • Four Diesel Engines
  • Plug-in Hybrid Variants: Enhanced with a new high-voltage battery for greater electric range.
  • M Performance Models: Featuring powerful six-cylinder in-line engines.

Awards and Recognition
The BMW 3-Series continues to garner prestigious awards globally, including class wins in German motoring magazine “Auto Zeitung’s” Auto Trophy and “auto, motor und sport’s” Best Cars competition. These accolades reflect the car’s dynamic qualities, reliability, and advanced features.

Commitment to Sustainability
BMW’s commitment to reducing its carbon footprint is evident in the 3-Series Sedan. Efficient drive systems, intelligent lightweight design, and optimized aerodynamics contribute to low fuel consumption and emissions. The use of renewable energy in production and a high proportion of recycled materials underscore BMW’s sustainability efforts.

Enhanced Chassis and Driving Experience
The chassis of the new BMW 3-Series Sedan has been meticulously updated to offer an even better balance of sportiness and comfort. The new suspension setup enhances both driving dynamics and ride comfort, making the 3-Series an even more compelling choice for enthusiasts and daily drivers alike.

Comprehensive Safety and Assistance Systems
The new BMW 3-Series Sedan is equipped with advanced safety and driver assistance systems. Standard features include front collision warning, cruise control with brake function, and Intelligent Speed Assistance. Optional packages such as Driving Assistant Professional add features like Active Cruise Control with Stop&Go function and Traffic Light Recognition.

Variants and Performance Specs
Powertrain Options:

  • Petrol Engines: 4 variants
  • Diesel Engines: 4 variants
  • Plug-in Hybrid: 330e Sedan with up to 101 km electric range
  • M Performance Models: M340i xDrive Sedan and M340d xDrive Sedan

Performance Specs:

  • 330e Sedan: Combined output of 215 kW/292 hp, electric range up to 101 km
  • M340i xDrive Sedan: 275 kW/374 hp, peak torque 500 Nm
  • M340d xDrive Sedan: 250 kW/340 hp, peak torque 700 Nm

The BMW 3-Series Sedan continues to set the standard in the premium midsize segment, offering unmatched driving pleasure, advanced technology, and refined design. Whether you prioritize efficiency, performance, or luxury, the 3-Series Sedan provides a variant tailored to your needs, maintaining its status as a market leader and a symbol of BMW’s relentless pursuit of automotive excellence.

Source: BMW
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