Bentley Residences Miami To Include ‘Dezervator’ Vehicle Lift And Garages For Up To Four Cars Per Apartment

Bentley Motors has announced that the Bentley Residences, Miami will offer all residents a four car garage with space for EV charging points. Access to these will be provided by an innovative ‘Dezervator’ lift, named after the development partner Dezer Development, which can transport car and passengers from road to apartment in one move, creating an unparalleled lifestyle for its customers. With a new virtual reality tour available, prospective residents can experience the Bentley Residences first-hand, including travelling via the Dezervator up to the in-unit garages.

The Bentley Residences will feature four ‘Dezervators’; a unique elevator design, conceived by Bentley’s partners at Dezer Development, with the ability to transport cars to the top floor of the 749 ft building. Each lift features a hydraulic system which pinches a car by its tyres to pull it on top of a robotic shuttle system, which in turn transports a car up or down to the correct storey.

Riding the Dezervator, whilst seated in your car, is a unique experience – with the lower floors of the elevator shaft enclosed by glass offering a full panoramic view of the communal areas of the building.

Each resident will have a personal three or four-car garage within their apartment, complete with the option for EV charging amenities, offering private, convenient and secure storage for their car collections, right up to the 61st floor. RFID stickers will be placed in all residents’ own cars, which will be automatically scanned on arrival into the building, triggering a sophisticated lighting system to guide the driver to the correct Dezervator to reach their own floor. The technology in place recognises this ID and takes them directly to their residence, without the driver having to step out of their vehicle or even press a button.

Bentley Motors and Dezer Development announced their partnership in 2021, detailing plans for the first ever Bentley-branded residences, which will span 61 storeys and offer bay and ocean views from each exquisitely finished apartment. In 2022, the Sales Gallery opened close to the site of the future Bentley Residences, in Sunny Isles Beach, Miami, offering prospective buyers a chance to familiarise themselves with the architectural development.

Bentley Residences can now be toured in virtual reality, with each of the communal spaces, and luxurious apartments, built in Unreal Engine – a gaming platform providing advanced real-time 3D creation, a tool used by game developers and adapted for use. Within the virtual tour, users can experience the building as the residents will, either travelling in on foot, or arriving by car and heading straight up to their floor.

Visitors to the Bentley Residences, including friends and family of the residents, will be able to make use of the additional parking facilities beneath the building. The garage will also include fast-charging stations for EVs and plug-in hybrids.

Wireless connectivity will be available throughout the Bentley Residences, facilitated by a hot wire system with coverage within the Dezervators.

Users of the virtual reality tour can experience the Dezervator, in-unit garages and more. In fact, the entire East and West unit layouts of the Bentley Residences building will be available for virtual preview: apartments complete with balcony swimming pools; the cinema; the games room; the wellness centre and spa; the whisky bar; the cigar lounge; the restaurant; and the beautiful lobby. Whether it is travelling 61 storeys via the Dezervator, or examining the exquisite interior design details of the communal spaces, the virtual tour is set to whet the appetite of prospective residents now that sales are officially open.

For those looking for an in-person experience, the Sales Gallery in Sunny Isles Beach, Miami, is open to all visitors. The Bentley Residences team are on hand to guide prospective viewers through each carefully curated detail of the future building, including a walk-around a full-size 6,000 sqft model unit. This first-look residence has been lovingly furnished by Bentley Home, Bentley Motors’ long-time brand partner and maker of high-luxury, hand-crafted, Italian furniture. The model offers an exciting glimpse at the interior decorating options available to prospective residents, and the new levels of luxury lifestyle on offer to Bentley Motors’ treasured customers.

Prices start from $4.2m USD for an apartment within the Bentley Residences and will complete in 2026.

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