Behind the CUP Bucket seats of the CUPRA Born VZ

Unique in its nature. Another of the most relevant characteristics of working with a material such as flax is that “each CUP Bucket seat is unique. No two pieces can ever be the same due to the orientation and length of the fibres” Francesca points out. Therefore, as a result of the uniqueness of this natural fibre and its manufacturing process, each customer is going to have a seat with its own personality. These distinctive features are captured in the woven pattern of the backrest and serve to enhance CUPRA’s disruptive DNA.

Pioneering collaboration. CUPRA is collaborating with Bcomp and Sabelt to integrate the flax fibre and develop the innovative structural shell, making it possible to implement an environmentally friendly material in the CUPRA Born VZ, reducing the use of plastics as well as providing the same level of safety as carbon fibre. Francesca Sangalli highlights that through this synergy “we are changing the sporty aesthetics to incorporate a functional part made of flax fibre in the interior of a car.” This is yet another example of CUPRA’s push to break barriers and challenge the status quo.

A provocation made reality. As part of CUPRA’s strategy to explore and introduce new sustainable materials in the production of its vehicles, “we’ve been researching the use of flax fibre for some time to integrate it in our car seats. We presented this project at the Unstoppable Impulse event in Terramar and are now happy to say that it’s been successfully implemented” says Francesca. This concept has gone from being an inspiration to forming part of the brand’s DNA. This commitment to sustainable materials can also be seen in the upholstery, as the base is made with SEAQUAL® YARN fabric created from plastic waste extracted from the sea, in addition to the use of DINAMICA microfibre, which is made with 73% recycled polyester. Sustainability is undoubtedly an obsession that CUPRA will continue to explore in order to remain at the forefront of innovation

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