BEDEO Classic Land Rover Defender EV

BEDEO, a trailblazing force at the forefront of the electric mobility sector, takes a groundbreaking leap in its electrification solutions today by introducing the Reborn Electric: Icons Land Rover Defender – the first vehicle in its journey to retrofit legendary passenger cars.

As it launches its Reborn Electric: Icons programme, demonstrating its unwavering commitment to sustainable mobility, BEDEO is reshaping and revolutionising its approach and is harnessing the power of its cutting-edge, proprietary in-wheel motor (IWM) technology to do so. In turn BEDEO has become the first company in the world to offer an electric retrofit package for classic cars using in-wheel motors.

The Reborn Electric: Icons initiative kicks off with the transformation of this legendary Defender, a true automotive icon, that will now join the Reborn Electric family, maintaining its rugged charm while embracing the advantages of electric power. Having previously achieved considerable success with its revolutionary, owned drivetrain technology, which has travelled an impressive 60 million kilometres across Europe since 2009, BEDEO aims to extend the reach of sustainable mobility to customers everywhere.

With its whisper-silent battery-powered powertrain, the first Defender to undergo this transformation is equipped with a 75-kWh battery, with an estimated WLTP of 247 km (153 miles), and a standard 22 kW on-board charger that achieves 100 per cent charge in only five hours. BEDEO can also incorporate optional 50 kW fast charging, which recharges in 90 minutes.

Losing none of the ruggedness and charm of a traditional Land Rover Defender on the road, the updated BEDEO conversion is transformed into a sustainable icon without emissions, that can be enjoyed for years to come. With the same passion for technology and sustainability as every other project BEDEO has undertaken over the last 15 years, its high-performance electric drivetrain is designed and engineered entirely in-house, using the best components and BEDEO’s unique IWM technology.

BEDEO’s Reborn Electric conversions, made possible through the innovative IWM technology developed by group company Protean Electric are poised to offer individuals a revolutionary new outlook on vehicle and emissions management as it looks towards a greener, more sustainable future. Given its innovative approach, the technology isn’t limited to any one specific vehicle over another, and even though the Defender leads the charge, BEDEO’s IWM technology can be utilised in any vehicle, catering to any customer’s specific wants and needs.

Osman Boyner, founder and CEO of BEDEO, emphasised the significance of this expansion and said, “The classic car community has warmly embraced the idea of converting their beloved vehicles to run on electric power through EV conversion. However, until now, none have ventured into utilising in-wheel motors to tap into the advantages of weight reduction and engineering enhancements.

“Through our Reborn Electric: Icons program, we are committed to maintaining the original car’s kerb weight, charm, and driving dynamics while ensuring easy maintenance and delivering the benefits of electrification. For the Defender, and other models to come, this means zero tailpipe emissions, zero noise, and the preservation of the nostalgic, classic driving experience we all cherish, now brought into the 21st Century without sacrificing its essence or adding unnecessary, bulky weight.

“Reborn Electric: Icons represents a natural evolution for us as pioneers in sustainable mobility. The successful conversion of the iconic Defender showcases the versatility of our proprietary technologies and unlocking the in-wheel motor in this way will forge a new path for the future. We’re not simply converting cars to electric power; we’re preserving automotive heritage, while enabling the clean and efficient transportation of the future, with a technology that has only been preserved for large OEMs and brand-new vehicles, until today.”

Embracing BEDEO’s proprietary technology in the transformation and electrification of cars represents a revolutionary approach that empowers customers with an unparalleled level of customisation. By harnessing the innovative capabilities of in-house technology and refurbishment capabilities of its partners, customers are granted the freedom to tailor their overhauled, electrified cars to their exacting specifications, not only facilitating a seamless integration of electrification that is efficient and effective but also opening a gateway to limitless customisation possibilities.

BEDEO’s vision is that owners are not confined by pre-set limitations; instead, they become active collaborators in the design process. They will do this by working closely with BEDEO’s partners to ensure that every aspect of the vehicle is precisely tailored to meet individual desires. This innovative collaboration not only results in a one-of-a-kind driving experience but also fosters a sense of ownership and pride, as customers actively participate in shaping their automotive dreams into reality.

Looking to the future, BEDEO’s Reborn Electric solutions extend beyond the Land Rover Defender, with plans to include other iconic vehicles in the initiative. Positioned as a global player in the electrification landscape with headquarters and R&D operations in the UK and manufacturing facilities in Turkey and China, BEDEO marks a significant step forward with the Reborn Electric: Icons programme, with this move aligning with the company’s overarching mission to offer practical, sustainable solutions for fleets and individuals embracing electric and hybrid vehicles.

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