AGTZ Twin Tail Chassis #00 – Static Debut at FuoriConcorso

AGTZ Twin Tail Chassis #00 – Static Debut at FuoriConcorso

The trailblazing tie-up between La Squadra and Zagato takes a thrilling step forward with the global static debut of AGTZ Twin Tail on the shores of Lake Como. First unveiled at Zagato’s historic Milan Atelier in February, the evolution from scale model to show car sees art and engineering meld beautifully together as prototype chassis #00 previews a limited run of 19 bespoke creations.

“Our project is dedicated to people looking for something more in automotive,” says Jakub Pietrzak, Founder of La Squadra. “People that are looking for something that you can’t see every day on the street. People that are looking at cars through an artistic prism.”

AGTZ Twin Tail takes a modern mid-engined icon and carves it into a jaw-dropping sculpture. Its party piece is its transformational bodywork – the jaw-dropping recognition of its A220 racecar inspiration which enjoyed a new lease of life on circuit when its engineers sliced 30cm from its elegant, longtail shape to create a muscular new shorttail.

The unique result of this multicultural collaboration allows both body styles to live on harmoniously. The tailored elegance of a longtail or the muscular punch of a shorttail; both are available via a swift costume change. The uniquely removable rear deck is ready to adorn its owner’s garage as a piece of exquisite automotive sculpture when they opt to travel in shorttail mode.

AGTZ Twin Tail makes its static debut in prototype form at FuoriConcorso on 25 and 26 May 2024 ahead of its dynamic debut in July at a headline automotive event. Customer deliveries commence in October 2024.

The bodywork of AGTZ Twin Tail majors on carbon fiber, with its trail-blazing, removable tail made as light as possible. This allows its driver to detach or reattach the tail on a whim and ensures the overall curb weight closely resembles its donor car’s. A custom-made trolley assists with the physical transformation before proudly displaying the rear deck when not in use.

Longer than its base berlinette, the car measures 4305mm in shorttail form and 4799mm in longtail configuration. Its extended deck possesses aerodynamic functionality, too, cutting its donor’s drag coefficient and achieving greater high-speed stability alongside a projected increase in maximum velocity. AGTZ Twin Tail will achieve 0-100km/h (0-62mph) in under five seconds and a top speed beyond 250km/h (155mph).

An iconic design with unique flexibility. A220 targeted 24H Le Mans glory with evocative slender bodywork. When its endurance story came to a gracious end, its designers made the intrepid decision to carve its shape into something new, creatively slicing its bodywork to create a new shorttail configuration.

Its newly truncated design refocused the car’s attention on shorter circuits and rally stages. Podium finishes quickly followed to underline A220’s place in the history books. High-speed aero or short-circuit impact; here’s a design that can claim both.

It’s a story that La Squadra and Zagato are honored to retell, AGTZ Twin Tail paying a dramatic tribute to both configurations of this 1960s racecar in memorable style. Both long and shorttail A220 chassis will be displayed at FuoriConcorso on 25-26 May 2024 as an evocative element of AGTZ Twin Tail’s static debut.

Project Vision
Running this kind of project is like reading a book. You experience plot twists, dramas, and uplifting moments. If you want to create something that will leave a mark on automotive history, you must remain truly focused on your primary idea. The hard work on AGTZ Twin Tail has given even more admiration for the bespoke and beautiful products that populate a market they are honored to join. From design sketches to a fully functional prototype in just 12 months, the prototype receives the blessing of the manufacturer which inspired it, ready for its static debut at FuoriConcorso.

Car Details
Coachbuilding enters a bold, modernist era. From its designer’s pen to the lawns of Lake Como in just 12 months, AGTZ Twin Tail has truly made a splash. Limited to just 19 examples, each car will spend 15 weeks at the illustrious Zagato headquarters during a 1000-hour build process.

Production has already begun with order books filling fast, esteemed collectors and automotive icons already on the list. Prices start at €650,000 excluding taxes; a vast array of options allows each owner to curate a unique work of art with renowned supercar distributor La Squadra holding their hand every step of the way.

A choice of 19 colors and nine liveries – spanning heritage, art, and couture – are complemented by the ultimate art direction of a paint-to-sample option. Alongside optional carbon wheels, panels, and a Supersprint exhaust, AGTZ Twin Tail’s 252hp 1.8-liter turbo engine can be upgraded along with its suspension and braking. The car will make its dynamic debut in summer 2024 in front of a huge enthusiast crowd.

Future Prospects
The automotive industry is changing faster than ever before. Electrification increases competition and it’s harder to differentiate products in terms of performance and driving stimuli. Design will take on greater significance, allowing artisan coachbuilders to step onto the stage and deliver unique projects which will separate intrepid brands from the rest of the pack. AGTZ Twin Tail demonstrates a bold step in this exhilarating new direction.

As with other projects at the Zagato Atelier, the next step is to meet with the clients who have subscribed to this adventure. Meeting with them and delivering their cars will be a mutual privilege. Zagato was always a Grand Touring coachbuilder, producing cars capable of racing but which could also be used every day on the road or grace a Concours of Elegance lawn with. Playing with a round or truncated tail was always in their design ethos. With AGTZ Twin Tail they are producing a car consistent with their heritage.

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