Aehra Sedan (2024)

Synthesize the elegance of Italian design global engineering, and American customer service with the future of EV monobodied manufacturing. AEHRA is intensely-focused on creating a driving experience that is always extraordinary. For business or pleasure, AEHRA is a valued necessity to everyday life that is as beautiful as it is functional.

The mission of AEHRA is to provide customers with an unparalleled driving experience that is beautiful, environmentally respectful, and functional.

Open the AEHRA sedan’s double-falcon doors, and you gain access to an interior quite unlike anything on the road today. The vehicle’s exceptionally short overhangs, long wheelbase and completely flat floor have enabled AEHRA’s designers to push the boundaries of what is possible, creating levels of space, comfort, technology and material quality for all occupants that are quite simply unmatched by any other vehicle in the class.

A profound appreciation of practicality and a burning passion for design merge seamlessly in a luxurious cabin that effortlessly accommodates four full-size US NBA players in complete comfort. A distinctive, oblong-shaped yoke-like steering wheel, replete with an AEHRA logo, denotes the brand’s strong aeronautic influence, while a proudly displayed Italian flag badge emphasizes the fact that AEHRA is Italy’s first and only pure-play EV brand.

When it comes to in-car working, connectivity and entertainment, AEHRA’s unique full-dashboard-width HMI (Human Machine Interface) screen utterly changes the game. When the vehicle is parked, occupants can choose to extend the screen upwards, instantly transforming the AEHRA into a home theater or an office environment. With the screen fully extended, the occupants can relax and enjoy a movie or transform the interior into your personal office ideal for videoconference.

Based on the same highly flexible ultra-advanced EV platform as the AEHRA SUV, the AEHRA Sedan was conceived in tandem with its sibling, without compromise. And while it shares the same design language and body surface treatment as the SUV, it is quite different in character thanks to unique graphic signatures, which are expressed most explicitly and conveyed most confidently at the front and the rear of the car.

The AEHRA Sedan’s sinuously flowing body combines with active aerodynamic drag-reducing, cooling, and thermal management technology, plus a bespoke battery solution developed in partnership with Miba Battery Systems to deliver optimum efficiency and target an 800km driving range.

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