AC Schnitzer BMW 5 Series / I5 (G60 models)

AC Schnitzer, the esteemed specialist renowned for enhancing BMW vehicles, proudly introduces its latest sports and performance program tailored for the BMW 5 Series and i5 G60 models. Born from meticulous engineering and years of tuning expertise, this comprehensive range offers exclusive enhancements that elevate both the driving dynamics and aesthetics of these business sedans.

The program encompasses a variety of meticulously crafted parts designed to deliver an unparalleled driving experience and enhance the visual appeal of the vehicles. Notable highlights include:

Suspension Spring Kits: AC Schnitzer suspension spring kits offer individual lowering of 15 to 30 mm (depending on the vehicle and axle), striking the perfect balance between sportiness and comfort.

Spacers: Precision-engineered spacers, with 10 mm per side for standard rims on the front and rear axle, crafted from black anodized aluminum, not only enhance the appearance but also improve driving stability.

Wheel Sets: A curated selection of high-quality wheel sets in various sizes (19, 20, and 21 inches) and designs, including AC3 Flowforming rims in silver/anthracite, anthracite, or black, AC4 Flowforming rims in BiColor or glossy black, and AC1 alloy rims in BiColor, black, or anthracite. These rims not only command attention on the road but also reduce unsprung masses, resulting in enhanced driving dynamics.

Aerodynamic Components: Specially designed aerodynamic components, such as the front splitter set, side skirts, design strip package, rear roof spoiler, and rear spoiler, are engineered to increase downforce values while imparting an aggressive and dynamic look to the vehicles. The rear skirt protection film adds a final touch, protecting the loading sill from scratches.

Interior Accessories: High-quality interior accessories, including aluminum pedals, aluminum footrest, aluminum cover Black Line for iDrive Controller, and key holder, elevate the interior ambiance with a sporty and luxurious feel.

All components within the AC Schnitzer range undergo rigorous testing on public roads and race tracks, ensuring the highest standards of quality and performance. Bearing the label “Engineered in Germany,” these parts guarantee reliability and excellence.

With its latest offering for the BMW 5 Series and i5 G60 models, AC Schnitzer sets new benchmarks in sportiness and individuality. Through meticulous engineering and premium components, AC Schnitzer empowers BMW drivers to elevate their vehicles to new s of performance and style.

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