AC Cobra GT Roadster (2024)

AC Cobra GT Roadster (2024)

AC Cars, the UK’s oldest active vehicle manufacturer, has begun dynamic demonstrations and experience drives for its highly anticipated new model, the AC Cobra GT Roadster. These exclusive events, held at the company’s headquarters and R&D centre at the historic Donington Park, offer clients and VIP guests a first-hand look at the sensational sports car.

A New Chapter for the Iconic AC Cobra
The experience events at Donington Park are a significant milestone in the production of the AC Cobra GT Roadster. They provide an unparalleled opportunity to see, hear, and feel the car’s capabilities. With its 663 bhp supercharged engine, the AC Cobra GT Roadster promises thrilling performance wrapped in a sleek carbon-fibre body. The car has been making a striking impression on the public roads around Donington Park, showcasing the iconic AC Cobra profile.

In-Depth Look with the Engineering Team
During these events, clients can engage with members of the engineering and production teams, gaining insights into the car’s design and engineering. This initiative is part of AC Cars’ commitment to keeping its clients informed and involved as the project progresses. The response has been overwhelmingly positive, with the AC Cobra GT Roadster on track to fulfill its promise of delivering unmistakable styling and high performance.

Advanced Design and Performance
The new AC Cobra GT Roadster features a unique aluminium spaceframe chassis and a full carbon-fibre body. Its powerful 5.0-litre V8 engine ensures it is a true successor to the legendary AC Cobra of the 1960s, combining classic aesthetics with modern performance and exclusivity.

Significantly larger than the original, the new GT Roadster offers modern ergonomics, comfortably accommodating drivers over six feet tall. The car integrates contemporary drivetrain and control technologies, affirming its status as a grand tourer. Available in both left and right-hand drive, and with an option of automatic or manual transmission, it promises a versatile and remarkable driving experience.

Expanding Facilities and Customer Engagement
AC Cars recently announced a brand centre at Donington Park, complementing its 100,000 sq ft facility on the UK’s south coast. This new centre will streamline the crafts and disciplines required for production, serving as the marque’s assembly hub.

Clients interested in experiencing the AC Cobra GT Roadster can book appointments through the AC Cars customer service team, while new customers can register their interest via the company’s website at

Specifications and Performance

  • Engine: 5.0-litre V8 supercharged
  • Power Output: 663 bhp
  • Chassis: Unique aluminium spaceframe
  • Body: Full carbon-fibre
  • Transmission: Automatic or manual
  • Drive Configuration: Available in both left and right-hand drive
  • Ergonomics: Accommodates drivers over six feet tall
  • Performance: High-performance grand tourer credentials

The new AC Cobra GT Roadster embodies a blend of classic style and cutting-edge technology, setting a new standard for modern sports cars while honoring its iconic heritage.

Source: AC Cars
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