9 Grilling Tips And Tricks With Your Chevrolet Silverado

9 Grilling Tips And Tricks With Your Chevrolet Silverado

Another long weekend is on its way this October and what better way to celebrate than head out for a night under the stars with your Chevrolet Silverado! As the weather cools down, you can use your Silverado to create the ultimate off-road barbecue experience.  To help spice up the desert season, Chevy has some tips to get your Silverado ready for primetime grilling.

1.  Marinate and prep food ahead:

Shape and prepare your meal the night before. Make snacks and side dishes ahead of time but keep your main course fresh off the grill.

2.  Up your barbecue game with the right tools: 

When choosing grilling equipment, ensure your tools are sturdy and durable with comfortable handles. Two pairs of tongs are ideal – a long pair to grill from a safe distance and a short pair to get closer, when needed.

3.  Utilize your truck bed for supplies:

Keep a bag in the truck bed with the proper essentials (hand sanitizer, face coverings, grilling tools, spices, etc.). Maximize the Silverado’s 12 fixed cargo tie-downs to secure your gear and ensure you can see clearly out of the rearview window.

4.  Load and unload in a breeze:

Take advantage of cargo bed steps and features to load/unload your supplies easily and safely. The 2021 Silverado offers an available Multi-Flex tailgate and Corner Steps to easily access the bed and make unpacking as easy as apple pie.

5.  Charge your devices and stay connected:

Take advantage of USB ports located throughout your truck to keep devices – like speakers and smart phones – charged and ready to add vibes to your desert BBQ.

6.  Watch any game from the bed:

Speaking of entertainment, why stop at music?! Once parked, place your TV or projector in the truck bed to view a downloaded game or show while grilling. A 120-volt outlet can be found in the Silverado truck bed, so you can power your screen wherever you go.

7.  Create shade, relax, and have fun:

Set up a tent to offer shade from the sun and a table to play games such as

Charades or Frisbee. Don’t forget your SPF as well!

8.  Keep the fun going into the evening:

Utilize the Silverado’s in-bed lighting system and LED light located at the top of the cab to keep the barbeque going after dark. A barbeque under a Silverado-lit sky is one for the bucket list.

9.  Remember to always drive and grill responsibly! 

Enjoy these off-road barbeque tips with your Silverado and remember – don’t grill and drive.

The Chevrolet Silverado is bigger, stronger, and lighter than previous generations. One that offers you more choices, so you can get the capability you need and built on the legacy full-sized pickups on the road.

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