1933 Cadillac 355C V8

The 1933 Cadillac V8 is an interesting vehicle for a variety of reasons; it had a powerful V8 engine that generated 115 horsepower, and could hit speeds well-over 100 mph. This Cadillac also featured ‘vent windows’ which were touted as a draft-free alternative to the roll-down configuration. Perhaps its most intriguing feature, however, was the five-position ride control that could be set manually from the vehicle’s dashboard.

As speed and terrain varies, a driver might wish to change the characteristics of the vehicle’s suspension. This feature changed the rebound on the shock absorbers, making for a stiffer or softer ride depending on the user’s preferences. This particular Cadillac cost $2,995 in 1933 and over 2,000 were built.

Engine: 353 CID, V8, 115 Horsepower

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