1088 HP Lamborghini Revuelto By DMC

1088 HP Lamborghini Revuelto By DMC

DMC Exotic Car Tuning Limited proudly announces the launch of its most exclusive and luxurious creation yet: the Lamborghini Revuelto “Edizione GT” (E-GT). This model represents the zenith of DMC’s engineering prowess and commitment to luxury, with a production limited to just ten bespoke vehicles worldwide.

The “Edizione GT,” conceived under the visionary “E-GT” label granted by DMC CEO, Gregor Hans Schoener, embodies the philosophy of no-holds-barred innovation. This label allows DMC’s engineers to craft the ultimate product without constraints on costs. The E-GT is designed to showcase the pinnacle of what DMC can achieve, regardless of the practicality of mass production, thus offering a glimpse into the extraordinary capabilities of DMC’s design and engineering teams.

Building on the success of the DMC Lamborghini Revuelto “Molto Veloce,” the Revuelto E-GT takes the concept of customization to new s. Unlike the “Molto Veloce,” which is available as individual components, the “Edizione GT” is offered solely as a comprehensive conversion package, ensuring each of the ten vehicles remains unique. To further enhance exclusivity, no two cars in this limited series will share the same color; each will be distinctly unique in its hue.

The DMC Revuelto “Edizione GT” package includes advanced modifications not only limited to aesthetic enhancements such as a front hood, side skirts, wing spoiler, and diffuser, but also extends to functional upgrades with new front and rear bumpers, bespoke wheels, a stainless steel exhaust system, and a completely revamped interior. Each component, from the carbon fiber parts made in Germany to the interiors crafted in Italy and wheels forged in the USA, adheres to the highest standards of quality and craftsmanship.

With a price tag of USD 288,888, the “Edizione GT” is positioned at the pinnacle of the luxury car modification market. Preference for these limited edition models will be given to past DMC clients, with regional allocations ensuring global accessibility: two each for North America and the Middle East, and one each for China, Japan, Malaysia, Hong Kong, and Europe.

Owners of the Revuelto E-GT will also enjoy unprecedented access to the minds behind their machines, with personal meetings with DMC’s engineers and CEO Gregor Hans Schoener to customize their cars further, including possible engraved logos or names on the interior or exterior.

“Making good things better isn’t just our motto—it’s our mission. With the Revuelto ‘Edizione GT,’ we are pushing the boundaries of what is possible in car customization, ensuring that each of the ten owners possesses not just a car, but a masterpiece of automotive art,” said CEO Gregor Hans Schoener.

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