Ferrari 599 XX – The Extreme Track Car

Ferrari 599 XX – The Extreme Track Car

The Ferrari 599XX, based on the 599 GTB Fiorano, is an extreme track car designed for unparalleled performance. While sharing the same transaxle layout and engine type as its road-going sibling, the 599XX features extensive modifications to optimize its capabilities on the track.

Engine and Performance Enhancements
Ferrari’s engineers have worked meticulously on the 599XX’s engine, making significant changes to the combustion chambers and inlet and exhaust tracts. These refinements, along with reduced internal friction and a boosted maximum rev limit of 9,000 rpm, have resulted in an impressive power output of 700 hp. Weight reduction of engine components was achieved through optimized forms, like the new crankshaft, and the use of exclusive materials, such as carbon-fibre intake plenums. The gearbox shift strategy has also been upgraded, reducing overall gearchange times to a mere 60 milliseconds.

Advanced Electronics and Handling
The 599XX is equipped with Ferrari’s innovative “High Performance Dynamic Concept,” designed to maximize the car’s performance by integrating mechanical limits with electronic controls. This system ensures consistent lap times and enhances sporty handling, thanks to the second-generation SCM suspension system. The car also features a “virtual car engineer,” providing real-time data on vehicle efficiency to the driver.

Aerodynamic Excellence
Aerodynamics play a crucial role in the 599XX’s design. Extensive wind tunnel testing has resulted in 280 kg of downforce at 200 km/h and 630 kg at 300 km/h. The car’s front underside is fully faired-in, and engine bay vents have been relocated to the bonnet. The “ActiflowT” system, using porous materials in the diffuser and boot fans, adjusts downforce and drag based on driving conditions. Rear winglets and synthetic jets further optimize air flow and reduce drag.

Innovative Materials and Braking System
Ferrari’s engineers have utilized composites and carbon-fibre extensively in the 599XX’s bodywork. Their experience with aluminum has also contributed to achieving weight targets. The carbon-ceramic material braking system benefits from advanced materials, with carbon-fibre brake pads allowing for smaller calipers without sacrificing efficiency. The racing carbon ceramic braking system improves braking distances and overall efficiency through significant weight savings.

Specialized Tyres and Wheels
The 599XX is fitted with slick tyres (29/67 R19 front and 31/71 R19 rear), specifically developed to enhance stability in cornering and increase lateral acceleration. These tyres are mounted on 19 x 11J wheel rims at the front and 19 x 12J at the rear.

Specs and Performance Summary

  • Power Output: 700 hp at 9,000 rpm
  • Engine: Modified 6.0-liter V12
  • Gearbox: Advanced shift strategy, 60 ms gearchange times
  • Downforce: 280 kg at 200 km/h, 630 kg at 300 km/h
  • Tyres: 29/67 R19 (front), 31/71 R19 (rear)
  • Wheels: 19 x 11J (front), 19 x 12J (rear)
  • Brakes: Carbon-ceramic with carbon-fibre pads
  • Suspension: Second-generation SCM system
  • Electronics: High Performance Dynamic Concept, “virtual car engineer”

The Ferrari 599XX exemplifies the pinnacle of track car engineering, combining cutting-edge technology, advanced materials, and aerodynamic innovation to deliver an unmatched driving experience.

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