Chevrolet Nomad (1957)

The strikingly sleek Chevy Nomad of 1955-1957 brought mid-century modern design to the utilitarian station wagon. The Nomad got its name, along with its unique roofline and rear body treatment, from a 1954 GM Motorama Corvette concept wagon conjured up by GM design chief Harley Earl – father, as well, of the 1953 Corvette roadster.

Encouraged by the show car’s reception, and mindful that America’s burgeoning suburbs were absorbing ever more station wagons, Chevrolet developed the Nomad into a premium Bel Air-level “halo” model for their 1955-57 regular wagon lines.

The Nomad two-door sport wagon design was produced through 1957.  Each of the three model years still has its passionate followers – the original Nomads have never gone out of style.

1957 Chevrolet Nomad
Nomad was the special and sporty Chevrolet 2-door sports station wagon, with 1957 as its last and final build in a three year run. The name Nomad continued but as a 4-door model from 1958 on and sold far better than in 2-door style.

All 2-door style tri-five Nomads are very collectible today and are especially highly prized as factory originals. Just 6,103 Nomad models were built for 1957, with a total three year model build of 22,375.

  • Wheelbase: 115.0 in (292.10 cm)
  • Weight: 3470.00 lbs (1,573.97 kg)
  • Engine: 283 cid, ohv V8, cast iron block/heads, 220 hp

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